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How to use Minecraft Forge

Minecraft forge
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Minecraft Forge makes the process of modding Mojang's blocky sandbox much simpler. While there's a lot to be said for Minecraft's default form, the best Minecraft mods can help add handy quality of life improvements, or even add whole new biomes or structures that aren't available in unmodded Minecraft. 

The only real downside to using Minecraft Forge is that it only works with Java Edition, but if you're keen to jump into the mod scene, this is the easiest way to go about it. The Minecraft modding community is huge, so any questions you might have will already have been asked and answered. Now, if you're ready to forge ahead, here's what you need to know about Minecraft Forge.  

Minecraft Forge: What does it do?

Modding can be quite a difficult process in some games, but Minecraft Forge makes it all relatively simple. Once you have installed the Forge client, you'll be able to select it as a profile on your Minecraft launcher which then adds a button that lets you view a list of your mods.

From here you can select the mods you want to use and launch the game as usual. Or if you've just downloaded a new mod, you can open the mods folder by clicking on the button at the bottom of the list. This allows you to copy a newly downloaded mod to the mods folder without having to search for the location manually.

How to install Minecraft Forge

  • First, head to Minecraftforge and download the program. 
  • Make sure that you download the version of Forge that corresponds to the version of Minecraft you have (if Minecraft is 1.1, download the 1.1 version of Forge). 
  • Go to the downloaded file (it should be at 'C:\Users\\[username]\AppData\Roaming\\.minecraft\mods') and open. Note: If you can't run the installer, check you have Java installed.
  • Select 'Install Client' then hit 'OK'. 
  • Open Minecraft and change the profile to 'forge'. 
  • Once the game loads, you'll see a new 'Mods' menu on the start screen. 
  • Click this and choose which mods to use.

That's all there is to it. Now it's just a simple matter of finding the Minecraft mods you like and installing them. 

There are more blocky guides where that comes from, so here's how to build a house in Minecraft. Now you've got a home for all your handy mods, and for yourself.