How to get Stone Grilled Olm in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail Stone Grilled Olm vendor
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The Honkai: Star Rail Stone Grilled Olm is one of the many delicacies you can grab while you're out trailblazing across the stars, but you'll need this particular food item as part of the new Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event in version 1.1. The museum's curator will ask you to go find the artist Rebini for a second time, and once you arrive, he'll complain about being too hungry to work. Typical.

If you've just started playing version 1.1, you might be looking for a decent Silver Wolf build, or be curious where the Punklorde hacker ranks on our Honkai: Star Rail tier list. Otherwise, here's how to get a Stone Grilled Olm for Rebini.

Where to find Stone Grilled Olm

You can get a Stone Grilled Olm in Boulder Town (Image credit: miHoYo)

During the event quest, you can find Rebini in the centre of the Great Mine, where he'll ask you to get him a Stone Grilled Olm. Your first instinct might have been to look at the synthesiser in your menu to see if it was possible to make one. Alas, there is no recipe for this dish. To get a Stone Grilled Olm, you need to head to Boulder Town on Jarilo-VI and find the Food Stall. Turner will sell you the dish for 3,600 credits, then you simply need to head back to Rebini and give him the meal in order to get his latest painting.

Now, you can return to the museum and slot the exhibit in place before getting back to managing things. The rest of the event is pretty straightforward, to be honest; you just keep upgrading your exhibition areas, recruit new tour guides in the form of familiar Jarilo-VI characters, and locate or fix the remaining exhibits whenever a quest pops up to improve the museum's overall performance.

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