The best Honkai: Star Rail Silver Wolf build

Honkai: Star Rail Silver Wolf with her sunglasses
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Honkai: Star Rail Silver Wolf

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The best Honkai: Star Rail Silver Wolf build focuses on making sure the five-star Nihility character lands her debuffs, providing the most value for the party by applying Bugs to enemies, lowering defense, and incepting weaknesses. The fact that Silver Wolf can actually add new party-relevant weaknesses to enemies straight up makes her the best Nihility character in the game so far. 

She'll prove especially valuable in The Forgotten Hall and Simulated Universe if you can't be bothered building an additional character just to cope with a damage type you don't have. That said, here's my best Silver Wolf build with recommendations for Light Cone, Relics, and Planar Ornaments. There are also details lower down about her skills, Eidolons, and what materials you need to level this pro-gaming Stellaron Hunter.

The best Silver Wolf build

(Image credit: miHoYo)

Silver Wolf is a powerful Nihility path character who applies debuffs in the form of Bugs, weaknesses, and gains increased benefits when she strikes enemies with said debuffs. Her Allow Changes skill in particular is very powerful, letting her incept a weakness onto an enemy based on your current party. As such, it's important to buff Silver Wolf's effect hit rate to make sure these numerous debuffs land, and boost Quantum damage and attack so she still hits hard.

  • Light Cone: Incessant Rain or Before the Tutorial Mission Starts

The best Light Cone for Silver Wolf is the five-star Incessant Rain that's launching alongside her. This buffs effect hit rate by 24% so she has a better chance of applying debuffs, plus when she deals damage to an enemy with three or more debuffs, it boosts crit rate by 12%. When the wearer uses their basic attack, skill, or ultimate, there is a base 100% chance to apply Aether Code to a random hit enemy, who'll then receive 12% increased damage for one turn. This adds another layer to Silver Wolf applying weakness and debuffs, letting her mark targets that will take more damage from the rest of the party.

Lucky for no-spend players, there's also the free Before the Tutorial Mission Starts four-star Light Cone that you can get as part of the upcoming Starhunt Game event. This one boosts effect hit rate by 20% and regenerates four energy when you attack defense-reduced enemies. This might be the best choice for Silver Wolf considering you should be able to superimpose it fully during the event, massively increasing that effect hit rate boost and the energy regen she'll get attacking enemies.

  • Relics: Genius of Brilliant Stars (Four-pieces equipped)

The Quantum-focused Genius of Brilliant Stars set is the best here, boosting Quantum damage by 10% for two-pieces, while ignoring 10% defense when attacking for four-pieces, with an extra 10% when that's against Quantum weakness enemies. You could also switch out two-pieces for Musketeer of Wild Wheat and its 10% attack buff if you want more damage. In stat terms, you'll want to prioritise effect hit rate, attack, and then crit rate and crit damage if you're using Incessant Rain to take advantage of that crit rate boost. Speed is also handy if you want Silver Wolf to apply her debuffs and weakness often.

  • Planar Ornaments: Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise (Two-pieces equipped)

The Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set is a great choice for Silver Wolf since it increases effect hit rate by a further 10%, plus grants an attack bonus equivalent to 25% of your overall effect hit rate. Since you'll be building this stat quite heavily anyway, it's essentially a free attack bonus. For stats, you'll want a sphere with Quantum damage bonus, and a rope with either energy regen rate or attack. Overall, this should let Silver Wolf apply her debuffs with ease, use her defense-reducing ultimate often, and also still pack a punch.

Silver Wolf abilities and Eidolons

Here are Silver Wolf's combat abilities, bonus abilities you get from ascension, and the Eidolons you can upgrade her with using additional copies (thanks to Honey Hunter for the info):

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Basic attackSystem Warning: Deals Quantum damage equal to 130% of Silver Wolf's attack to a single enemy.
SkillAllow Changes: Deals Quantum damage equal to 245% of Silver Wolf's attack to an enemy. There is a 90% base chance to add an on-field ally's damage type as a weakness to the target enemy, as well as reducing damage resistance to that type by 20% for two turns. If the enemy already has that weakness, this effect is not triggered. Enemies can only have one weakness implanted at a time. There is also a 100% base chance to reduce all weakness resistance by 11.25% for two turns.
TalentAwaiting System Response: Silver Wolf can create one of three Bugs: reduce attack by 12.5%, reduce defense by 10%, and reduce speed by 7.5%. Every time Silver Wolf attacks there is a 78% chance to implant a random Bug for three turns.
UltimateUser Banned: Deals Quantum damage equal to 456% of Silver Wolf's attack. There is a 107.5% base chance to lower enemy defense by 49.5% for three turns.
Bonus abilityGenerate: Increases Bug duration by one turn. Every time an enemy is inflicted with weakness break, there is a 65% chance to implant a random Bug.
Bonus abilityInject: The duration of Silver Wolf's implanted weakness increases by one turn.
Bonus abilitySide Note: When using her skill, if an enemy has three or more debuffs, decrease their all-type resistance by an additional 3%.
TechniqueForce Quit Program: Attacks the enemy. After entering battle deals Quantum damage equal to 80% of Silver Wolf's attack to all enemies, ignores weakness type, and reduces toughness. Enemies with their weakness broken will trigger the Quantum weakness break effect.
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Social EngineeringAfter using her ultimate, Silver Wolf regenerates seven energy for every debuff that the target has up to five times.
Zombie NetworkWhen an enemy enters battle reduce their effect resistance by 20%.
PayloadSkill and talent level +2 up to a maximum of 15.
Bounce AttackAfter using her ultimate, deals additional Quantum damage equal to 20% of Silver Wolf's attack for every debuff on the enemy target up to five times.
Brute Force AttackUltimate level +2 and basic attack level +1 up to a maximum of 15.
Overlay NetworkFor every debuff the target enemy has, the damage dealt by Silver Wolf increases by 20%, up to a limit of 100%.

Silver Wolf Ascension materials

(Image credit: miHoYo)

Here's what you'll need to ascend the Silver Wolf, not counting character xp materials:

  • Five Ancient parts
  • 15 Ancient Spindles
  • 15 Ancient Engines
  • 65 Void Cast Iron
  • 300,000 Credits approx

Ancient Parts and their higher world tier variants—Ancient Spindle and Ancient Engine—come from Automaton enemies on Jarilo-VI, such as can be found in the Robot Settlement and the Great Mine. You can also get them through your assignments, or the Embers Exchange if you have some spare embers to spend.

Void Cast Iron, on the other hand, can be farmed through the Shape of Quanta Stagnant Shadow on the Herta Space Station. As always, if you need more credits or XP materials, you can get them through assignments, or by farming Golden Calyx. 

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