Holy RGB, this RTX 3080 Ti Founder's Edition PC building kit is only $1,900

The iCUE RTX 3080 Ti FE Builders Bundle components laid out on a blue background.
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Here we have a supreme saving on a PC building kit from Corsair. It comes in at $1,900, and contains the following—which you have to put together yourself:

  • HX Series HX1200 — 1,200 Watt, 80+ platinum certified, fully modular PSU
  • iCUE H150i Elite — LCD display liquid CPU cooler
  • iCUE ML120 RGB Elite — 3x premium 120mm PWM magnetic levitation fan, with iCUE lighting node core
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti — Founders Edition GPU
  • iCUE 5000T — Black Mid-Tower ATX PC case with RGB & tempered glass

Although it's missing a motherboard, storage, RAM, and a CPU, it's still a saving of $405... or thereabouts.

Tallying up the components, if you bought them separately they'd usually come to around $2,233, that is, if the RTX 3080 Ti was actually selling at MSRP. Ignoring the fact that GPUs are still pretty sparse and expensive when spotted, that's a saving of around $333, and it means you don't have to search around or pay over the odds for a GPU in the current market.

iCUE Builders Bundle | Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti FE | HX Series HX1200 PSU | iCUE H150i Elite CPU cooler | iCUE ML120 RGB Elite 3x fan kit | iCUE 5000T ATX case | $2,304.95 $1,899.99 at Corsair (save $404.96)

iCUE Builders Bundle | Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti FE | HX Series HX1200 PSU | iCUE H150i Elite CPU cooler | iCUE ML120 RGB Elite 3x fan kit | iCUE 5000T ATX case | $2,304.95 $1,899.99 at Corsair (save $404.96)
A do-it-yourself option for those on the hunt for a component kit. It's missing a CPU, motherboard, SSD and RAM, but those can be sourced a lot easier than an RTX 3080 Ti nowadays, especially a Founders Edition. This is a really good base to build from, and worth a look if you don't mind putting it all together.

Honestly, it's worth splashing out on the bundle just to get your hands on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition at this point, but the rest of the components are pretty top notch too.

The iCUE 5000T RGB tempered glass mid-tower ATX case scored an 85 in our testing thanks to its high quality, multiple cooling options and stylish RGB. Then there's the HX Series HX1200 PSU. It's a fully modular piece of kit, meaning you don't have to leave any unused cables attached, and it delivers up to 1200 Watts of power. Even if you do grab a high powered CPU to go with that RTX 3080 Ti, you're unlikely to hit that bar. It should be plenty enough for the next generation GPUs, too.

There's a lot of love out there for the included coolers, which are dead quiet, oh and the CPU cooler even has a little LCD display for you to add custom images and gifs to, which is always good fun.

You might want to take a look at our extreme gaming PC build guide to figure out what components to pair with it, but generally this is a great base to start you off. Or if you've got the rest of the components ready to install but just need a classy, cool and quiet case to stash them in.

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