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Troll Bogeys are an important ingredient in Hogwarts Legacy and you'll need to find one for Professor Onai's Assignment, which allows you to add Descendo to your collection of spells. It's also a required item for a number of potions so figuring out where to find the handy—but gross—item should prove useful.

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on Troll Bogeys and you'll need to leave Hogwarts for both. Remember to activate floo flames by walking near them so you can fast travel to that location if you need to return. Here's where to find Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogeys: Where to get them 

The easiest way to get Troll Bogeys is to buy them from J. Pippins Potions in Hogsmeade. These go for 100 Galleons each, but there's limited stock, so you can only buy up to five at a time. 

If you've picked up Professor Onai's Assignment, she'll task you with finding and defeating a troll to obtain one. Trolls can be found randomly attacking certain Poacher camps, armoured ones can be found in the very south of the map helping the goblins, or the easiest option is to locate a troll lair. One of the nearest is to the northwest of Feldcroft, which is to the southwest of the castle through the valley south of Lower Hogsfield. Check the screenshot below for the exact location.

You also need to fight a troll for the Troll Control sidequest found in Brocburrow, to the southeast of Hogwarts so there's always the option to get two quests objectives done in one go if you fancy a bit of exploring first.

Despite their formidable size, trolls are fairly simple to beat—they just have a lot of health to contend with. You can Protego against most of their attacks, but some attacks will flash red, and you will need to evade instead.


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