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Hogwarts Legacy torch puzzle
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If you've come across the viaduct bridge torch puzzle on the way to the Great Hall in Hogwarts Legacy, you'd be forgiven for not understanding what you need to do to solve it. Plenty of activities in and around the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that require the use of spells, so if you don't have the specific one needed, you're going to run into trouble.

The viaduct bridge torch puzzle needs you to cast a specific spell, so if you have yet to learn Incendio, you'll need to wait until later to tackle it. For everyone else, here's how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy torch puzzle and uncover one of the Hogwarts Secrets.

Hogwarts Legacy torch puzzle: How to solve it 

The torch puzzle is found on the bridge next to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame, so fast travel there. If you explore the length of the bridge, you'll find a total of four torches—one has already been lit, and you'll need to light the rest with the Incendio spell. 

Once they're all lit, you can interact with all of the torches and doing so spins the base so you can change the Roman numeral that appears there. Each torch also has a unique picture of a symbol on the stone pillar beneath it. So how do you solve the puzzle?

Head to the end of the bridge where the torch was already lit—the end furthest from the floo flame—and look for the circular brass mechanism on the ground. You'll see that it's divided into four, with a symbol and a number in each section. Make a note of which symbol corresponds with which number and interact with each of the torches to change the Roman numeral to match the symbol below

Once the torches have their respective numbers and symbols matching, you'll be able to interact with the mechanism to reveal a ladder leading down, which counts as one of the Hogwarts Secrets.

You can find three chests in alcoves down here which reward a random piece of gear, a wand handle, and a random Room of Requirement item. 

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