Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement: Where to find it and how it works

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The first 12 or so hours of Hogwarts Legacy are largely what you'd expect from an open world RPG: talking, fighting, sidequesting, and a whole lot of looting. I thought for sure that the game was done introducing new progression systems, and then I was introduced to the Room of Requirement.

In the wizarding world, the Room of Requirement is a room within Hogwarts that only reveals itself to those who truly need it. The room itself can take the form of whatever the visitor "requires," and in the case of Hogwarts Legacy, what your character requires is a place to chill, grow plants, upgrade gear, and hang out with cute animals. The RoR is one of the very best parts of this surprisingly big open world RPG, and you should definitely learn how to use it to the fullest.

Here's how to unlock the Room of Requirement, where to find it, and what it can do.

How to unlock the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

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The Room of Requirement is unlocked through the main story of Hogwarts Legacy. It's not a particularly early unlock either—you'll be most of the way through the first act before the quest by the same name appears. It comes right after completing the Tomes and Tribulations mission concerning Jackdaw and a certain ghost society. It's also around the same time you unlock Hogwarts Legacy brooms.

Professor Weasley shows you the Room of Requirement entrance, but the room itself doesn't start in its final form. You first have to play through an introduction to the new conjuration spells, disappearing stacks of chairs from an impossibly crowded attic. Once you reach the room proper, you can return to it anytime via fast travel.

Where is the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy?

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The door to the Room of Requirement will be invisible until you approach this wall. (Image credit: Warner Bros. Interactive)

If you're trying to find the Room of Requirement within Hogwarts, you need to head toward the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower and start climbing stairs. You'll find the room entrance on a flat wall in a hallway just before the stairs leading to the Astronomy wing. It's a really long trek and, as much as the immersive open world gamer in me wants to learn every hall of Hogwarts and get around without shortcuts, you're really best off using the fast travel point right next to the entrance.

Speaking of, you'll find the Room of Requirement's fast travel option in a special section of the in-game map called "Secret Rooms"—a section that also includes an easy shortcut to the Map Chamber. It's easiest to simply click on the Secret Rooms section on the left, but alternatively, you can click the little sun icon on the map itself.

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How do you use the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Once you have the Room Of Requirement, you can really do whatever you want with it. Similar to your house in Animal Crossing, this is a space to freely decorate and kit out with furniture, paintings, statues, plants, and most importantly, workstations. Placing anything will cost a little bit of Moonstone (those blue crystals that sprout up everywhere in the greater Hogwarts area), so be sure to grab more whenever you can.

Interfacing with the room requires three spells: the Conjuring Spell (to place new objects), the Alteration Spell (to move/edit existing objects), and Evanesco (to delete an object). These are special spells that can only be used inside the Room of Requirement, so I suggest assigning them to your least-used spell slots.


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If you don't want to make frequent trips to Hogsmeade to buy Wiggenweld potions at a ridiculous markup, simply brew your own. Conjure up a potion station in whichever style suits you (there are four styles to most furniture pieces) and plop it down wherever there's room. All six potions can be brewed from the same station, but you're limited by how many burners your station has. The smallest station has just one burner, but you can purchase larger ones from the tomes and spellcrafts store in Hogsmeade (warning: they're a tad expensive). 


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Herbology is how you grow plants, which can be used in combat themselves or as ingredients in potions. These are a bit more complicated than potion brewing because the three different sizes of potting tables (small, medium, large) are capable of growing different plants. You'll have to purchase the pricey medium and large table upgrades from the spellcraft store in Hogsmeade to grow the Chinese Chomping Cabbage and Venomous Tentacula combat plants, but the good news is a default small potting table can grow Mandrakes plus the plants required for Wiggenweld and invisibility potions. 


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Once you progress further in the main story, Deek will introduce beast capturing and expand the Room of Requirement with a beautifully quaint forest vivarium. Here, beasts captured in the open world via the nab-sack can be released to stretch their legs and explore.  At this point you'll unlock two more abilities that take up spell slots: one for brushing your beasts and one for feeding them. Brushing beasts allows you to harvest their fur or feathers, which can be used at a Loom (unlocked at the same time) to upgrade clothing or equip traits.


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Once you've got your potion and herbology operations in order, make sure to personalize the place too. You don't have too many decorations to choose from at first, but dozens pieces of art, furniture, statues, and seasonal goodies can be found in treasure chests throughout the world. Your best bet for finding them is to pick locked doors, solve door puzzles, and sneak up on those pesky eye chests. Keep in mind that there are loads of objects, like trees, benches, and entire building blocks that can only be conjured in a vivarium. 

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