Gamescom 2015: The biggest news from day three

Battlefront 3

Gamescom's doors have closed for another day, but what have we learned? Our Phil learned how to shoot down a TIE fighter and beat a man to death in a jazz club. Find all that and more in our day two roundup.

Blizzard announced the next World of Warcraft expansion

Legion is the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion, named after the unknowably huge hordes of baddies that are about to overrun Azeroth. You can fight back by levelling up to 110, becoming a demon hunter and deploying some absurdly powerful new artifact weapons against them. There will be a ton of new dungeons and couple of raids to beat as well.

We got to play Battlefront’s Fighter Squadron multiplayer mode

Phil got to play the newly announced multiplayer mode for Star Wars: Battlefront, which is called Fighter Squadron. You should read his hands-on fully if you’re at all interested in the game, but you should especially read it if you’re a big Star Wars fan.

We got a close-up view of some of the enemies from Dark Souls 3

Study them, folks, because these creatures will kill you, probably more than once. Luckily, the other screenshots in the pack hint at some of the new attacks we’ll be able to use to take on these terrifying foes.

Dark souls 3 slim

Gearbox gave us a release date for Battleborn, along with a new trailer

The new trailer for Battleborn gives us a closer look at some of the heroes, though we’ve yet to meet all 25. One thing’s for certain: we’ll know who they all are when the game comes out on February 9 next year.

Microsoft actually admitted that Games for Windows wasn’t particularly great

The senior director for PC gaming in the Xbox group, Kevin Unangst, actually said that Games for Windows “wasn’t the right approach” when he spoke to PC Gamer at Gamescom. He also said that they don’t plan to compete with Steam with the Windows Store.

You can keep leveling in Fallout 4 forever

Bethesda tweeted to let us know that our free time is about to be consumed utterly, so if there's anything left to tick off your bucket list, the time is now. With no level cap and an ending that will let you keep exploring the wasteland, there's no need to ever, ever leave.

Fallout 4

Screenshots and concept art show off the high-tech world of Mankind Divided

The new Deus Ex maintains the series’ focus on choice, and that’s demonstrated in this new set of screenshots, though for some reason one of them just looks like Jensen took a selfie. A few pieces of concept art provide an idea of the game world, and one even provides fashion inspiration.

Mafia 3 defies expectations

Phil also got to see Mafia 3, and he seems impressed. Want to know why he calls it “one of the most promising new games being shown at Gamescom”? You should probably go read his report.

Lots of screenshots gave us a much better idea of what XCOM 2 will be like

If you can’t wait until November, maybe staring at these screenshots will help you to imagine that you’re already playing XCOM 2, tinkering with your characters and weapons alike, or just watching some guy do pull-ups. Quick—something’s happening in Western Europe! You’d best go check it out.

Xcom 2

Activision showed off the first live multiplayer footage of CoD Blops 3

Black Ops 3 is keen to chase the esports crowd, as we saw in this hour-long presentation featuring pro players and suited-up commentators. Apparently it’s the first time they’ve shown live footage of the multiplayer, so if you know you’ll be all over that when the game comes out you should probably go check it out.

American Truck Simulator looks so peaceful

Do you like sunsets? Famous landmarks? Wide open spaces? Do you maybe want to see these things from the front seat of a shiny red truck? Then go watch the new trailer for American Truck Simulator and get excited, in a calm, leisurely manner.

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