Dragon's Dogma 2 Prey for the Pack: Where to find Rodge

Dragon's Dogma 2 Prey for the Pack - Apothecary
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If you're looking for Rodge in Dragon's Dogma 2, you must be pursuing the Prey for the Pack quest. Upon first arriving in the Checkpoint Rest Town to the west of Vernworth, you were likely surprised to be confronted by an anxious apothecary whose grandson has been kidnapped by wolves, though I'm not quite sure how wolves kidnap someone, honestly.

This is also one of those rare time-sensitive quests, meaning if you don't save Rodge quickly he'll get eaten, which is sure to upset the apothecary. The only issue with finding Rodge fast is that the Prey for the Pack quest has no markers. Instead, you have to infer Rodge's location based on information provided by the villagers. Either that or you can just read this guide to find out.

Where to find Rodge

To get straight to the point, you can find Rodge in the Putrid Cave a fair distance to the east from the Checkpoint Rest Town. Since the quest is time-sensitive, you'll want to get there as fast as possible in order to save the boy. Now, I'll explain how you were actually supposed to discover that information.

If you talk to the villagers in the Checkpoint Rest Town entrance square, you'll discover a couple of vital pieces of information:

  • Rodge really likes flowers and was searching for a rare flower.
  • There's a rare flower in the area that only blooms at night.

Changing the time of day to night—either by dozing on a bench or resting at the inn on the Battahl side of the checkpoint—you can spot these glowing blue flowers leading away from the Checkpoint Rest Town on the eastern trail. If you follow them, you'll start to encounter wolves, and eventually find yourself at the Putrid Cave. Presumably Rodge was investigating the flowers and wandered off.

This route will also take you through a graveyard that has some skeletons and wight in it, so be wary, especially if you don't want to get waylaid. If you make it in-time, you can escort Rodge back to his grandfather. If you don't, you'll find the slightly harrowing Scrap of Cloth item. Bring either back to the apothecary to get your reward of roborant healing items and gold.


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