MultiVersus codes and how to redeem them

MultiVersus codes - Jake, Finn, and Reindog
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MultiVersus codes are a way of getting free stuff in the newly relaunched 1.0 version of the free-to-play fighting game. It's had a pretty successful release, with 110k players jumping in on Steam to try new characters and kick some ass. If you're one of them, you might be interested in some free stuff you can redeem to use in the game.

As with most other free-to-play games, MultiVersus has codes you can use to get a variety of stuff, whether it's the premium currency of gleamium, fighter skins, or emotes. That said, there is a twist; most of the MultiVersus codes so far were livestream ones that expired within five minutes, so any below seem to be the exception. I'll add more codes to the list if they get released in future.

MultiVersus codes

  • GM43D7Y7JHHKP8G3EJAO -  Thanks! emote

How to redeem MultiVersus codes

The easiest way to redeem codes in MultiVersus is through the official website, though you will need a Warner Brothers account to do so. Here's the step-by-step process:

  • Head to the MultiVersus code redemption site
  • Click 'Sign in' to create or log in to your Warner Brothers account
  • Select 'Link account', choose your platform, and then log in to link your Warner Brothers account to it
  • Copy and paste a code into the 'Redeem your code' box and click 'Claim'
  • Launch the game to unlock your rewards

If the game was already open when you redeemed the code, you may have to exit and relaunch it in order for the reward to appear.

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