Fortnite's Halloween event begins tomorrow

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Epic has been going heavy on the buildup to Fortnite's Halloween event, with cryptic rhymes, new skins teases, and localized geological phenomena. And now it has finally been revealed! That the big bash will kick off tomorrow, that is. 

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We still don't know exactly what's coming in the way of festive tricks and treats, but Samuel put up an interesting theory over the weekend: We'll see new skins, that's a sure bet, but a new limited time mode would come as no surprise.

Epic dropped another Fortnitemares verse yesterday, and an image that looks like it could be another piece in what looks like a "spooky Wild West" puzzle that's apparently being put together on Twitter. It's not quite as obvious a fit as the previous two pieces, but it's certainly a thematic match. We'll keep you posted.

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If we were to speculate, chances are we'll see a return of the Ghoul Trooper skins, perhaps with new customization options and some attached challenges—the same stuff that came with the return of the Skull Trooper a few weeks ago. 

And if Fortnite's Design Lead Eric Williamson's not-so-cryptic tweets are anything to go on, we'll probably see the return of the pumpkin launcher, the weapon that put rocket riding (and arguably Fortnite) on the map.

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