Epic trails Fortnite Halloween event with cryptic rhymes

It's late October, which means a slew of Halloween events are on their way to your favourite games, and Fortnite is no exception. Epic has already added some spooky skins—including the pumpkin-headed Jack Gourdon (above)—and recreated trick-or-treating by lettings players ring doorbells. On Friday, it began teasing its official Halloween event, Fortnitemares, with an image of what looks like a new skin, a cube in chains, and some cryptic rhymes that could be hinting at an event-specific game mode.

In its first Halloween tweet, Epic shared a small slice of the new skin alongside a four-line rhyme. It could just be random spooky poetry, but the "partner up" could suggest a new time-limited duos mode, while the talk of disguises makes me think of a mode based on subterfuge, perhaps where players are asked to betray their partners? That's pure speculation, though—what do you think?

In the second tweet, posted today, Epic shared an image of a cube in chains along with another rhyme. Again, answers on a postcard.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user DiviusTT has pointed out that the two images fit together like pieces of a puzzle, so we can probably expect more clues over the next few days (hat tip Eurogamer for pointing it out).

Fortnite's battle royale Halloween update last year was a fairly muted affair, with new skins and items, but no new games modes. However, given what's happened with the game's regular updates—get the latest on the floating island's movements here—I'd expect something much bigger this year. Last year's event started on October 26, so we can probably expect this year's to begin next week.

What would you like to see from Fortnitemares 2018?

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