How to get the Venom Fortnite skin

venom fortnite skin
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Fortnite Venom Skin incoming! Season 4 continues to roll along, and Epic is celebrating the tail end of its Marvel collaboration with more Super Series Cups that let players earn new skins. And yep, Epic has announced that Venom, the gooey symbiote-suited Spider-Man villain, is our next Marvel Fortnite skin. 

Venom follows Ghost Rider and Black Widow getting their own skins. This should also be the final Super Series Cup until the $1 million duos cup on November 21.

How to get the Fortnite Venom skin (for free)

You'll have to place well in the upcoming Venom Cup to win the Venom skin before it hits the item shop. We've got a guide for when you need to be there, how well you need to place, and a look at the new Venom skin below.

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It looks like Venom's symbiote powers will allow him to turn his arm into a giant blade, perfect for harvesting mats.

When is the Venom Cup in Fortnite?

The Venom Cup is live on November 18, so right now if you're reading this.

Remember that Epic usually gives players about two hours to finish ten matches, so you'll want to be prepared and fully updated by the start time.

Venom Cup rules and format

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Like previous Super Series Cups, the Venom Cup is a Duos Marvel Knockout tournament. In Marvel Knockout, two teams use mirrored superhero abilities (like Iron Man's chest laser or Groot's defensive ball of wood) to battle. The team that gets the most eliminations is the winner.

There are actually two three-hour sessions you can compete in if you don't make it to the first.

Here's the rank you need to get to win the Venom skin.

Session 1:

North America East: 1st - 225th
North America West: 1 - 75th
Europe: 1 - 350th
Brazil: 1 - 75th
Asia: 1 - 50th
Oceania: 1 - 50th
Middle East: 1 - 50th

Session 2:

North America East: 1st - 750th
North America West: 1 - 300th
Europe: 1 - 1,200th
Brazil: 1 - 300
Asia: 1 - 150
Oceania: 1 - 150th
Middle East: 1 - 150th

Rest easy, though. Even if you fail to qualify, that Venom skin will almost certainly hit the item shop later. The Black Widow skin goes for 1,500 V-bucks (or 2,200 for the bundle) so we can reasonably expect a similar price for Venom.

You'll also need two-factor authentication to enter the Venom Cup, so make sure to set that up. Here's Epic's full rules if you need them, too.

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