Fortnite is giving players two months of Disney Plus for making real-money purchases

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Fortnite season 4 has brought us so, so many Marvel characters, and frankly, Disney just seems to be flaunting its monopoly money at the moment. So it will surprise hopefully no one to learn that Fortnite players can get a special deal on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Starting November 10 at 7 pm ET, Fortnite players can earn two free months of Disney Plus after purchasing V-bucks or making any real money purchase in-game. To be clear, that doesn't include using V-bucks you already own to purchase skins and cosmetics from the item shop. If you're just buying some new V-bucks for later, you're under no obligation to spend them immediately.

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Players who purchased something earlier aren't out of luck, though. Epic says they'll honor any real-money purchases made since November 6 at 10 AM ET.

Epic says folks will be able to redeem their free Disney Plus at, but the link appears to lead to a 404 page at the time of writing. You only get one redeemable code per Fortnite account, so make it count. You also can't already have a Disney Plus account or have time left on a canceled account.

Epic has a FAQ if you have any concerns, but if you were planning on buying any Marvel skins or spending some money to rank up before the end of season 4, this isn't a bad deal. You'll be able to watch pretty much all of The Mandalorian season 2, which debuted recently. There's also the expected Marvel Cinematic Universe catalogue, the Simpsons, and plenty of hidden gems for both kids and adults. Whether it's worth a purchase in Fortnite is up to you, but I've enjoyed checking in a couple times a month. For what it's worth, you can buy the Street Serpent Pack for $3.99 (the cheapest item currently) and that will count.

Don't forget you can also grab the default pickaxe as a special free item, and you can buy the original default skins for a shot of nostalgia.

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