Where to drive a car through a rift portal for the Fortnite week 8 challenges

fortnite car rift portal location
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Fortnite season 4 week 8 is here, and we've got a batch of new challenges for players looking to earn some extra XP. While the Marvel heroes all have their own Awakening Challenges, including Wolverine, the usual weekly challenges are still a viable source of XP farming to sneak in without ruining your battle royale run. As of the 14.30 update, the most peculiar challenge this week is to drive a car or truck through a rift portal on the battle royale map.

That's easier said than done, considering a ton of portals are positioned in weird locations, and many of them at least a few feet off the ground, making vehicular teleportation difficult. There's also the matter of cars being located fairly far away from portals, making your journey more treacherous. We want to avoid that, obviously.

We've whipped up this guide to show you the most effective locations to complete this challenge quickly and painlessly. Here's where to find a rift to drive a car through in Fortnite.

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In the map above you'll see two red dots marking locations where you can find cars pretty close to portals.

The northwest location is the chunk of land that was teleported into Fortnite via Thor's Bifrost, with the mutant containment truck and a stretch of highway attached. The truck is a drivable vehicle, so you should be able to snatch it pretty easily since it's not a loot-heavy location.

I usually find two portals located nearby. There will either be one directly ahead of the truck near the edge of the cliff, or there will be one located to the right slightly up the hill. Thankfully, the truck is tall enough that you should be able to easily trigger the rift portal and be sent flying in style.

The east position is at Stark Industries' office. Grab any car from the parking lot and head out on the road going north. You should find one rift portal along the road.

fortnite car rift portal location guide

(Image credit: Epic Games)

That's that. You may have to build a small ramp to get up to a rift portal, but otherwise it's a fairly easy challenge to complete once you know where to look. For your trouble, you'll earn 25,000 XP. Sadly you get no bonus points for crushing enemy players under your flying death machine.

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