Fortnite v14.30 update: combat shotgun buffed, Daredevil Cup offers up free Marvel skin

fortnite update
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The new update for Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 is here, and players can expect a fairly meaty list of bug fixes, new features, buffs and nerfs, and more. Epic has continually added in new content over the course of season 4 as new Marvel heroes have been added to the roster, and we're not stopping now.

Here's all the patch notes you need to know for Fortnite update 14.30.

fortnite update

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Fortnite update 14.30: The combat shotgun gets a buff

Arguably one of the biggest updates to 14.30 is that the combat shotgun is getting some extra firepower.

Epic has increased the range the combat shotgun will connect a hit on an enemy player. This is great for those players, like my unskilled self, who have trouble gauging how close to engage an enemy before unloading some lead.

Epic hasn't released specific details on the buff, so we're all kind of in the dark for a bit. That said, Epic is also asking for the community to let them know what they think of the combat shotgun now, so get out there and give it a shot.

fortnite daredevil cup

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Fortnite update 14.30: Get the Daredevil skin early in a new tournament

Good news for fans of season 4's Marvel skins. You'll soon be able to earn a skin for Daredevil, the blind martial arts master who saw a huge boost in popularity thanks to Netflix's awesome series.

Epic has announced the Daredevil Cup, which is players' first chance to earn the Daredevil skin by competing in a trios tournament. Instead of a normal battle royale trios match, teams will actually be competing in the new Marvel Knockout mode, which gives each time an identical set of Marvel hero powers to duel with. Check out our full explanation in the link above.

If you don't fancy yourself a competitive spirit, some more good news: You can just buy the Daredevil skin in the item shop at a later date.

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Fortnite update 14.30: All the new skins

Longtime data miner HYPEX has uncovered a list of new skins that will be coming to Fortnite in the near future following the 14.30 update.

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Fortnite update 14.30: New Rally Royale LTM

Oh, you thought Epic was done with LTMs? Nah. Ever since the addition of cars in season 3, Epic has gone out of its way to add in a few challenges here and there to make use of them. Now there will be a whole new mode to compete in, dubbed "Rally Royale."

According to Epic, players will drive vehicles around the map collecting a certain number of tickets along a path. Once players have collected enough tickets, you'll have to race to a finish line or lose all your accrued points.

Epic says this new LTM will go live later this week, so keep your eyes open.

fortnite update

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Fortnite update 14.30: New bug fixes

As always, Epic has implemented a number of bug fixes to Fortnite as part of the latest update. These will hopefully keep things running smoothly for players. Epic doesn't keep actual patch notes these days, but they have updated their community Trello board to let us know some of the most important changes.

- Fixed issue with the "Last Forever" emote audio playing despite licensed audio being muted in audio settings.
- Fixed issue with movement being stopped when placing a map marker.
- Fixed issue in Save the World mode with Sword of the Daywalker pickaxe using the two-handed swing animation.
- Fixed issue on mobile where XP bar can be visually incorrect while in a match.

Fortnite creative mode also got a huge swath of other bug fixes.

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