How to get the throwback pickaxe in Fortnite

fortnite default pickaxe
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There used to be a time in Fortnite when having the default pickaxe and default outfit would paint a giant target on your back. My how the times have changed. Epic has reintroduced the OG pickaxe from Fortnite's first ever season, and players have a chance to acquire it for their nostalgic pleasure.

Epic announced details in a blog post going over the next-gen upgrades console players will receive. It's up in the air how Fortnite will change for us PC players, but it's always nice to see our friends across the aisle get nice things.

Here's how to get the OG pickaxe in Fortnite.

When is the throwback pickaxe available in Fortnite?

Epic has confirmed that all platforms, including PC players, will be able to get the default pickaxe through the in-game item shop.

The default pickaxe is actually available to pre-order right now on the PlayStation store.

Epic has confirmed that the default pickaxe will be available starting today, November 4. Judging from the PlayStation Store listing, it should unlock around 4pm PST.

The default pickaxe will be available from now until January 15, 2021.

fortnite default pickaxe

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I hear the Fortnite default skins will also be making a return?

While the default pickaxe has already been confirmed, rumor swirling around the usual Fortnite data miners is that Epic will be bringing the original default skins to the item shop.

Here's HYPEX claiming that the default skins will drop into the item shop as a bundle.

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I love that Epic seems to be letting players celebrate its roots. Even though Fortnite Chapter 2 started out with a relatively simple reboot (no vehicles, fewer weapons and items), we've come a long way since then with season 4's Marvel tie-in, season 3's flood, and plenty more.

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