How to complete Fortnite's bridge-dancing challenge

fortnite colored bridges
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Finding bridges. Dancing on them. If it doesn't make sense don't worry, it's just another Fortnite challenge. Fortnite XP Xtravaganza week 3 is here and players have yet another chance to complete a few challenges to help boost their battle pass. Fortnite season 4 has offered a ton of Marvel-themed challenges and events, but you'll find these XP Xtravaganza missions to be fairly normal challenges if you've been playing Fortnite for a minute.

This week, the most Xtravagant challenge is to dance on all five colored bridges in a single match. So not only do you have to visit them all, but you have to work fast and get to every location in a single match. That's not easy, so we've whipped up this guide to show you where to find every colored bridge in Fortnite and what order to visit them in.

Colored bridge locations

Take a look at the map below for an idea of where you can find all of the colored bridges in Fortnite.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As for hitting each bridge in a single match, we recommend grabbing a helicopter from either Stark Industries or the mountain base in the southeast, near the yellow bridge.

Either way, if you start out in the north, we recommend you clear out the three bridges in the northern half of the map, and vice versa for the two bridges in the south half.

It might take you a couple tries depending on how the storm circle behaves, but if you have fast enough transportation, you should be able to finish this challenge without too much of a problem.

For your trouble, you'll get a whopping 50,000 XP. That's more than twice the usual amount for most challenges. Of course, anything is easier if you play with a few friends, so did you hear about Houseparty coming to Fortnite?

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