Fortnite's AFL tournament explained: How to compete, teams, and cosmetics

fortnite afl tournament
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Fortnite and the AFL (that's the Australian Football League, not American) are teaming up for a new community tournament. Considering we just got a tournament featuring European football legend Pelé, perhaps it only makes sense that the Australian league gets its own shot.

But all Fortnite players (even those who believe a football is oblong and tan) are still able to join in on the fun and earn some rewards as a result. Pro players are teaming up with AFL stars and competing on your behalf, so there's even a fun bit of competition involved.

Here's a breakdown of all the details: when the AFL tournament starts, how to join and possibly earn free V-bucks, and how the tournament works.

Fortnite AFL tournament: How does it work?

Fortnite players who want to compete in the AFL tournament can first select one of 18 AFL teams that are been partnered up with a pro Fortnite player. You can choose your team on the tournament's official webpage. I'm no AFL expert (blame my North American heritage) but it looks like all the obvious picks are here, along with some familiar names from the world of pro Fortnite play. You only get to pick one team if you're a member, so make it count. Fans can still switch at any point.

One of two things can happen then: Either you manage to be one of the first 5,000 people to sign up with a team, or you participate as a fan.

Getting onto the team means that if you win, you'll earn 800 V-bucks and the new Punt spray (more on that below). You also get additional daily tasks to complete. The second place team will earn 400 V-bucks, and third place teams will get 200 V-bucks.

As a fan you can't earn V-bucks, but as long as you complete one daily task, you'll get the Punt spray. If one of the 5,000 players on a team drops out, there's a slim chance you may be able to slot into the team and compete more directly.

Some of Fortnite's new football strips.

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Fortnite AFL tournament start date

The Fortnite AFL tournament runs from January 27 to the end of January 31. There's evidently no restrictions on when you can start, but that will obviously mean you have less time to compete.

Fortnite AFL tournament cosmetics

Currently the only reward for the AFL tournament (aside from V-bucks for lucky early birds) is the Punt spray. Here's a look.

fortnite afl tournament

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With 18 teams competing, it's sure to be a brawl. I was actually shocked to see my choice, the Melbourne Demons, already in 2nd place, but there's a lot of time left on the clock for anything to happen. Let us know what teams you've picked, and don't forget to check out our Fortnite hub for guides on the latest quests.

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