Every game at E3 2016 and its PC outlook

Oxygen Not Included

Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out?
Late this year or early next

Klei, the creator of Don’t Starve, has a similar-looking but apparently much different game coming. Oxygen Not Included isn’t about individual survival, as far as we can tell, but management of a whole space colony. It’s a smart move given the disappointment with Spacebase DF-9. Check out the brief trailer below, which was first shown at the PC Gaming Show.

Dawn of War 3

Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out?

The first was a traditional base-building RTS, the second focused on smaller squad strategy powered by big heroes, and Dawn of War 3 looks to combine the best of its formers. Base-building is back, churning out units and upgrades as you’d expect, but elite units are like space marine Pokemon. Collect them all, level them up, and use them for specific, powerful tactical purposes. Based on what we’ve played and the footage that debuted at The PC Gaming Show, Dawn of War 3 is shaping up to be the most chaotic entry so far. Thank goodness for orbital lasers.

Tekken 7

Coming to PC? Surprisingly, yes!
When’s it out?
Early 2017

After some rumors floated in March, it was confirmed at E3: Tekken will finally make its way to PC early next year to the delight of PC fighting fans. In fact, it’s already got a Steam page, so no backsies (and no Windows Store exclusive, for once). Expect a big push into esports for the 3D fighting game, and while you’re waiting for it to release, here’s a bunch of gameplay footage to drool over.


Coming to PC? Aye
When’s it out?
July 7, 2016

From the developer of Limbo, the dark and grimly entertaining puzzle platformer, comes Inside, which looks just about as dark and grim. We’re not quite sure what the story behind the game is, but footage and screenshots seem to show that Playdead is once again sending children to some very dark places. We won’t have to wait long as it comes to Steam a week after it’s released on console.


Coming to PC? Naturally
When’s it out?
Closed Beta in September

If you enjoyed playing cards in CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3, but could do without all the rest of that Witching business, you’ll be happy to hear Gwent is becoming a standalone game. The CCG will enter beta soon—you can sign up at the official site—and interestingly enough will contain a story and campaign that will be released in episodes. I guess you will need to do some Witching business after all.


Coming to PC? Yeppers
When’s it out?
September 13th, 2016

Keiji Inafune and ex-Retro Studios developers have combined forces to make ReCore, which , appropriately enough, looks equal parts Mega Man and Metroid Prime. There’s a charge shot, spiderball tracks, and a lock-on shooting system from Metroid Prime, and the candy-coating, semi-arcadey vibe from Mega Man. You explore an open-ish world in true Metroidvania fashion with a few AI core pals. Each has their own specific abilities in combat and traversal, and each has their own personality type. It’s basically a game about hanging with your pets.

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