Every game at E3 2016 and its PC outlook

Forza Horizon 3

Coming to PC? No. Wait! Yes!
When’s it out?
September 27, 2016

Huh! Forza! On PC! How about that. Featuring the largest game world and most expansive roster of cars ever to grace a Forza game, you’ll be able to speed through a beautifully realized Australia. There will be customizable events and you can even join your friends with four-player drop-in co-op.

Gears of War 4

Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out?
October 2016

We thought Gears 4 might be coming to PC, and we finally confirmed that it is. We’re not entirely sure of the release date—it’s October 11 for Xbox One, but PC gamers may have to wait longer. In the meantime there’s an extensive gameplay trailer to watch.

Fallout Shelter

Coming to PC? It is now
When’s it out?
July 2016

A full year after it’s announcement (and surprise release on mobile), Fallout Shelter is finally coming to PC. Along with an update that adds quests, new locations, enemies, and characters, we’ll at last be able to enjoy the vault management simulator on our desktops.

Mafia 3

Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out? October 7, 2016

Set in New Bourdeax (a surrogate for New Orleans) in the 1960’s, the Mafia 3 trailer shows little in terms of gameplay but lots of excitement: driving, shooting, fighting, and plenty of drama. A good twenty minutes of gameplay footage was also unearthed, and a while back we learned that the driving system was inspired by the car chase in Bullitt, which is certainly promising.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew 

Coming to PC? Yes
When’s it out?
Fall 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to sit in the captain’s chair of the Enterprise in the company of some trusted crewmates, this may be the closest you’ll get. Bridge Crew is a four-player co-op VR game, and marks the seemingly rare instance of being available for both Oculus and Vive. Explore the cosmos, engage in combat, and work together to survive in deep space.

Mr. Shifty

Coming to PC? Yep
When’s it out?

Tom Marks, who got a chance to play this at E3, described it as “Hotline Miami where you play as Tracer from Overwatch.” Judging by the trailer, that’s fairly accurate—though Mr. Shifty can also blink through walls.

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