E3 finally reveals this week's complete schedule

(Image credit: ESA)

E3 has finally released a complete schedule of the week's streams and showcases, a mere three days before everything is meant to kick off. Cutting it a bit close, aren't we?

The ESA unveiled its full rundown of all the official E3 streams taking place over the next week. 'Official' meaning that the E3 schedule doesn't contain every event happening around E3 week, including Geoff Keighley's Summer Games Fest on Thursday or Devolver's (presumably blood-splattered) Saturday show.

For those, we've got you covered over on our complete E3 2021 Schedule.

E3 Schedule

(Image credit: ESA)

One of the bigger takeaways from this new schedule is word that Bandai Namco will be holding a presentation on Tuesday afternoon. Following some extremely shaky leaks and tantalising teases, we're all bracing for a proper first look at Elden Ring. Please?

Take-Two has also confirmed its own show on Monday morning. While most Borderlands news will likely take place at the Gearbox show, Take-Two and 2K have been leaking like a sieve, with news of a Marvel-themed XCOM making the rounds.

E3's official lineup doesn't start until Saturday. But E3 is bigger than E3, and the week really begins in earnest with tomorrow's Keighley showcase. Earlier, even, if you consider today's Battlefield reveal to be a part of E3.

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