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The final week of Fortnite season 5 is here, so you better hurry if you want to finish up all the challenges you can and get your free XP. This week's challenges are mostly pretty simple, but one or two might throw you for a loop if you don't know what to do already. Perhaps the toughtest challenge this week is to duel a total of 25 characters on the Fortnite map.

Season 5 introduced NPCs to the map, but it turns out only a select few can be challenged to a duel. So don't waste your time talking to just anybody. We've laid out exactly who to talk to and where to find them below. Also, don't forget to check out everything we know about Fortnite season 6, which is coming up next week!

How to start a duel in Fortnite

First you'll need to find one of the right characters (more on that below) and interact with them like any other NPC. Their menu will pop up on your screen, and you're looking for the "duel" option showing a gun and knife symbol.

Obviously, if you're going to challenge a tough NPC to a duel, you'll want to make sure you're kitted up. Grab at least a couple of weapons and a fair amount of ammo, and maybe even some healing supplies if you can retreat a bit.

Where to find characters to duel

Kit: Catty Corner

Kondor: Misty Meadows, east side of town.

Brutus: South end of Dirty Docks

Blaze: South of Sweaty Sands on a hill.

Big Chuggus: Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town to the west of the swamp. He'll spawn in one.

Menace: Coliseum, usually in the center.

Ragnarok: The viking ship west of Holly Hedges.

Ruckus: Hydro 16, west of Lazy Lake.

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Don't forget that you have until March 16 to finish all season 5 challenges. Once that day hits, season 6 kicks off. If you're wondering about the seasonal event, rest easy. Everyone will get to play the new single-player Jonesy mission the first time they boot up Fortnite season 6.

For more guides and news, check out our Fortnite hub for walkthroughs of all the latest challenges.

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