Fortnite Season 6 will conclude Agent Jones' mission with a solo event

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In a first for Fortnite, the next big season event is going to be a singleplayer experience, rather than one of the multiplayer parties that have come to define the start of a new season, Epic has announced.

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Dubbed the "Zero Crisis Finale," the event will take place when Season 6 starts on March 16. All players will be able to play a solo mission featuring Agent Jones, who you might recall was the one who got the Fortnite island into the mess it's currently in, warping between dimensions to gather all the best "hunters" to clean things up.

This is actually a pretty interesting divergence from the norm. Past seasons have always focused on letting players watch or even participate in massive one-time-only events, like Chapter One Season 4's rocket launch that started it all, or the universe-shuttering event that ushered in Chapter Two (after turning Fortnite off for an entire day). The fact that this new event is also closing out a single character's story, rather than some giant world-ending conspiracy, is also pretty different, but I imagine Jonesy will be treated to plenty of teasers for things to come.

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Epic is keeping details of this final mission for Jonesy under wraps for now, but says it'll share more in the near future. What we do know is that there's no set time you'll have to play the mission, meaning more folks can see things unfold with their own eyes rather than catching up on YouTube. The mission will automatically start when you first log into Season 6. 

The only solid teaser we have so far is this image of the Zero Point (the giant portal dropping all sorts of characters into Fortnite) beginning to crack apart. Jonesy started out Season 5 being tasked with mending the rift and keeping reality from tearing apart, so expect this new event to follow up on all that.

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If you can't play Zero Crisis Finale yourself or just want to watch it before it gets spoiled for you, Epic says it'll share details on how to "watch the global premiere with everyone" soon. Epic also says that this Jonesy event will kick off with its "most ambitious story cinematic yet."

There's a PSA with this announcement, too: Spend all your Gold Bars before your cache "is reset at the end of this season to make room for exciting improvements in Chapter 2 Season 6." Gold Bars get you special weapons and bounties from NPCs littered around the map, and to help players empty their accounts, exotic weapons sold by NPCs have had their Bar costs significantly reduced.

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