Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza: all the egg locations and recipes

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The Eggstravaganza Event is now live in Disney Dreamlight Valley and throughout April, you'll be able to craft new furniture, unlock new friends around the valley and find some new egg-themed recipes. Daily and Weekly quests have also been added into the mix, which you can get from WALL-E, but in this guide, I'll be focusing on where you can find eggs, how to grow V-EGG-etable seeds, and all the new Eggstravaganza recipes available right now.

Keep in mind that the event ends on April 29, so if you want some of these spring-themed items for your valley, then you better get cracking (haha).

Disney Dreamlight Valley egg locations 

There are three different egg types to collect during this event and most can be found throughout the various biomes. The Wild Spring Egg is a singular egg that can be found on the ground, whereas the Egg-cellent Fruit can be found on bushes. These egg types spawn at random, so just keep looking until you find them.

The Spring V-EGG-etable can only be obtained by planting V-EGG-etable seeds. You can craft these seeds at a workbench, so here's what you need:

  • Wild Spring Egg
  • Egg-cellent Fruit 
  • 20 Dreamlight 

Once crafted, plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. Now you can get cooking with them or use them to craft new event-specific furniture and items. 

Eggstravaganza recipes

Now that you have your three egg types, you can cook three new dishes to enjoy with your character pals. 

  • Spring Chocolate (three-star): Spring V-EGG-etable, sugarcane and cocoa bean 
  • Spring Mimosa Eggs (four-star): Spring V-EGG-etable, Wild Spring Egg, Egg-cellent Fruit, basil 
  • Spring Egg Bowl (five-star): Spring V-EGG-etable, Wild Spring Egg, Egg-cellent Fruit, cocoa bean, sugarcane 
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