How to get the Bad Juju exotic weapon in Destiny 2

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Bad Juju is back, sending forth bad vibes and big damage with a perk called String of Curses. It behaves like Rampage on 'roids, and generates additional super energy based on how many stacks you have.

Needless to say, you’re going to want this gun and we’ve got a guide to make sure you pick it up ASAP.

Gain access to the Tribute Hall

Head to Nessus and visit the barge. On the barge, look for a chest next to Werner 99-40 and open it. This will cost you 5,000 glimmer and kickstart your way to unlocking the Tribute Hall.

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When you open the chest, you’ll receive an "Invitation From The Emperor" pursuit which will beckon you to the Tribute Hall. The Tribute Hall is also found on Nessus, but it can only be accessed through the Directory in the Destinations tab—the area can be found right next to the same marker you would use to start the Leviathan raid (as seen below).

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(Image credit: Bungie)

Progress the "Invitation From The Emperor"

When you make your way to the Tribute Hall, you’ll be greeted by a near full-sized Calus statue, called Visage of Calus. Interacting with said statue will progress the quest and allow you to buy Calus’s bounties.

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To complete the next step of the quest, you'll need to buy one of these bounties and complete it. These bounties regularly rotate and cost 500 glimmer, so keep an eye out on their daily rotation as they serve a purpose later on. I'd recommend trying to aim for the easiest of the bunch as dying before completion will reset your progress.

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After completing one of the bounties, you will receive a Boon of Opulence that you will need to offer to the statue. Doing so will progress your quest and grant you access to the Tribute Hall.

Offer Tributes to Calus

Now you’re on to the meat of the quest, a big ol’ time sink. As the doors swing open, you’ll be faced with a multitude of areas in which you can place tributes to Calus. Each of these tributes is based on one of many triumphs that can be found in the Destinations sector under The Tribute Hall in the Minor tab. 

Each triumph is based on completing specific actions you should have performed throughout your time with Destiny 2, but the added twist is that you are expected to have completed these events in Calus’s name. This basically means you need to have completed the events using Calus themed equipment—so basically anything from the Leviathan raid or the Menagerie. Alternatively, you can drop cash/materials.

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It is possible to buy tributes from Calus, each with a starting cost of 130 planetary materials (or 260 Legendary Shards or 2,850 Bright Dust) and well over 12,000 glimmer. To reduce the cost of these you can continue to complete Calus’s daily bounties for a maximum discount of 80 percent. There are six tribute types in total that require six different materials; Alkane Dust, Dusklight Shards, Microphasic Datalattice, Phaseglass Needles, and the aforementioned Bright Dust and Legendary shards. Put it this way, with the required one percent reduction from the first Boon of Opulence from starting the quest, you’d need 644 of one of the individual planetary materials and 59,400 glimmer.

For those like me with more shards and glimmer than sense, you can always visit the Spider on Tangled Shore to pick up missing materials and speed along the process a fair amount.

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Either way you’ll need to find 18 tributes, by hook or by crook, to progress onto the next step.

See what's on "The Other Side"

After you’ve deposited 18 tributes, you’ll be granted with a new quest that beckons you to the chest sitting in the middle of the Tribute Hall, in which resides Bad Juju. Unfortunately, you aren’t over the finishing line yet.

As you approach the chest, an ascendant portal will appear. This portal will take you to the other side. After you enter the portal, you will be tasked to run through an encounter, kill all the enemies therein, and finish off a Cabal boss—making way for a further portal.

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Jumping through this portal will return you to the Tribute Hall and the chest in the centre of the room will open to give you Bad Juju.

The Catalyst grind

To earn this catalyst, you are gonna need to offer up some more tributes to Calus (45 to be exact) and then buy the catalyst from Calus.

This next step is not for the faint of heart and will take a considerable amount of time, but doing so will net you the buffed String of Curses perk, increasing the amount of time perk stays active.

While unlocking Bad Juju is far from the hardest exotic quest in Destiny 2, it is a time consuming one for those who haven’t been on the grind since day one. However, it is certainly worth the extra time if you have some to spare.

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