Here's how to get Destiny 2's Deathbringer exotic

Destiny 2 Deathrbringer quest steps how to get
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How do you get Deathbringer in Destiny 2? The first exotic quest of any expansion is bound to be exciting, but before you read ahead please beware: this guide contains mild Shadowkeep spoilers. Now, here’s how to get the exotic rocket launcher.

So, without spoiling too much, start by progressing the Shadowkeep campaign until you pick up the Firewall Data Fragment item. You’ll obtain it by completing myriad requests from Eris that involve several Lost Sectors on the Moon.

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How to get Deathbringer in Destiny 2

After you’ve unlocked this fragment head towards the Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor. As you complete it there will be an additional exit with a few red guardian ghosts floating around. Follow the path until you reach a glass door that requires the fragment to unlock.Then you’ll get the quest Memory of Sai Mota.

Upgrading the necklace

The Memory of Sai Mota requires you to find fragments of Sia Mota’s necklace across the Moon. 20, in total. To get these pieces, kill any enemies with the Nightmare indicator before their name. 

The most efficient way of doing so is to venture to Sorrow’s Harbor and harvest anything that spawns. With two fragments of the necklace awarded per kill, it should take ten enemies to fully complete the quest. Now find Eris Morn: this time she's inside the portal next to where you usually find her.

Open the chest and complete the mission

After you speak to Eris, there will be a chest behind her. Open it to obtain the Faculties of the Skull quest step. This means you must find the Circle of Bones, which is found in the Hellmouth. After activating the quest follow the markers and kill everything in your path until you can pick up the Silent Skull to continue the mission, Symphony of Death. 

As the quest information states, you’ll need to complete the K1 Revelation Lost Sector—found in Sorrow’s Harbour,—complete a public event in Hellmouth, and kill the Bone Collector in the Anchor of Light area. The Bone Collector is a random spawn, so this may take some patience.

Kill the High Conductor

The High Conductor is a fairly simple Deathbringer quest step: complete the Scarlet Keep strike. As you're playing through it you’ll encounter a special enemy. Kill it, and that's all there is to it.

Kill enemies on the Moon

The Of Darkest Harmonies quest step doesn’t need to be finished on the Moon, but there is bonus progress if you do. While this takes time, it’s not hard. I recommend heading to Sorrow’s Harbor again (perhaps you're sensing a theme here) and killing everything you can. 

Do that until you've ticked off as many of the steps as possible before heading to the remaining Lost Sectors. This should take anywhere between one and two hours solo, but is far more efficient as a Fireteam.

Defeat Ir Airam, Deathsinger

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Finally, as you power up the skull, you must complete one last mission, also in the Circle of Bones. I recommend you reach Power Level 920, but it's possible to beat it at lower levels with a team of three.

As the mission starts you’ll receive a debuff that can be removed by destroying a specific wizard’s shield. Rinse and repeat this procedure until all of the enemies are dead and then return to Eris to receive the Deathbringer rocket launcher.