How to get Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2

4th horseman destiny 2 zavala office
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Bad news: you can't get Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2 yet. We're only a week into the Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2, but things are already starting to ramp up. season pass holders were treated to Tommy’s Matchlock, Trials of Osiris had its first weekend event, and many of us have pillaged the new legendary lost sectors in the pursuit of more power levels. 

And now we've got the Destiny 2 4th Horseman exotic quest, In Rides A Pale Horse, so you can get yourself the swanky shotgun... eventually. While it’s not possible to complete it just yet, there are plenty of steps to keep you occupied. 

Fourth Horseman is an exotic shotgun where each shot incrementally increases the overall base damage. It's a worthy addition to your arsenal—just not in PvP—especially if you're looking for a close-range DPS build. Combine Fourth Horseman with shotgun scavenger perks and dexterity bonuses to become a running-and-gunning monster in PvE. So, here's how to get it.

Destiny 2 Zavala Office: where to find the hidden vault

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To start the quest you need to travel to the tower and speak to the Vanguard. Zavala will notify you of the weapon’s return and point you in the direction of his vault, which is hidden in his office. 

The vault is hidden beneath The Tower. To which you can easily make your way  through the various walkways on its lower levels. The 'tricky' part is finding the secret entrance to the vault under the stairs. To save you some time, we’ve recorded the exact way to the vault from entering the tower.

After discovering that the box that should have contained your precious shotgun is empty, return to Zavala to tell him the bad news. He'll then hum and haw before sending you on a trip to Mars to talk to Ana Bray, as she might know the person responsible for the Fourth Horseman’s disappearance. 

Battle Cabal or participate in public events for Ana

On Mars, ask Ana about her rogue shotgun. She'll tell you that you need to recover some data, which means you’ll need to kill some stuff. Twas ever thus. This particular step asks players to defeat Cabal and participate in public events. 

The fastest way to do this is to stay in the initial area and complete Escalation Protocol levels for 10 percent each while awaiting the Cabal Public Event in the back for 20 percent. You can even pick off a few rogue Cabal for an additional progress boost between waves. 

When you're done, speak to Ana again and she'll ask you to gather Heist Data, which entails killing Cabal Psions and opening Cabal Chests. Quickly complete this by heading to the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector in Glacial Drift on Mars. It should take you three solo runs to earn enough data to progress. After you’ve gathered the data, Ana points you in the direction of Benedict 99-40 in the Tower.

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Speak to Benedict, defeat enemies, and complete patrols or public events on the EDZ

Now head back to the Tower and talk to Benedict 99-40. Benedict will tell you to visit the EDZ and mop up. As this ties into your weekly powerful engram bounties, consider coupling this quest step with your attempts at the Seraph Tower in the EDZ alongside whatever Rasputin Bounties are available to maximise your Destiny 2 Warmind Bit grind. 

It should take three-to-four successful Seraph Tower events to clear this, depending on what patrols you’re able to pick up in the vicinity. When you’ve completed enough Seraph Towers, head back to Benedict for the next step.

Lost and Found: Complete the Destiny 2 Quarry Legendary Lost Sector

For Legendary Lost Sectors, the recommended power level is 1,000 and you’ll need to bring Unstoppable, Anti-Barrier, and Overload modded weapons.

Note that you may have to wait to complete this step depending on the day you read this. Only one Legendary Lost Sector is available per day and they rotate in the following order: Scavenger’s Den, Skydock IV, The Quarry.

Once you've got the shotgun, the Fourth Horseman's catalyst is also available. To unlock it you must complete Legendary Lost Sectors or Seraph Towers. Once you've unlocked the catalyst, then kill hordes of enemies with the gun to activate it. The result is an additional round in your magazine and a faster reload speed. That increases its ability to annihilate enemies even more effectively.