How to get the Lumina exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2

Lumina exotic hand cannon guide
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Destiny 2's Season of Opulence is currently in full swing and that means there's a new exotic quest ready and awaiting completion. Due to a severe lack of exotic hand cannons, Bungie thought it best that they unleash yet another on the crucible.

This time it's Lumina, the literal opposite of Thorn. Where Thorn previously whittled away at an opponent's health, Lumina heals your teammates. Thanks to the Noble Rounds perk, players will be able to kill enemies and pick up special rounds that, when hip fired, will seek out a teammate, heal them, and then provide an additional damage buff for a period of time.

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Lumina is an interesting combination of support perks and deadly precision wrapped up in a hand canon, so here's how to get it. 

Locate ‘A Fateful Gift'

It's almost fitting that you'd find Lumina in the exact same place as you did the original remnants of Thorn. That means you'll need to make your way to the EDZ.

While in the EDZ, you'll want to drop in at the Trostland area and make your way through the salt mines. As you reach the elevator, you will need to transmat upwards and continue towards the blue barrier at the top of the hill. With the barrier on your right, you will want to veer left off the edge of the cliff and continue forward through an alcove until you reach the camp (third picture below). At the very back of the camp resides a chest and in it the first steps to obtaining Lumina. 

(Image credit: Bungie)

(Image credit: Bungie)

(Image credit: Bungie)

Complete 'A Fateful Gift' quest step

Upon opening the aforementioned chest, you will receive the quest step 'A Fateful Gift' and an item called the 'System Positioning Device'. This device can be found within your pursuits tab and is integral in completing the quest.

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To complete 'A Fateful Gift' you will need to locate a unique chest within the galaxy. The chest's location changes every hour, on the hour—just as the quest step states. To figure out where this chest may be, you'll need to consult with the 'System Positioning Device'. There will be some purple text that will detail the rough area in which you will find the chest. The following videos detail the Fateful Gift quest step locations.

Fateful Gift Quest location for Alton Dynamo on Mars
Fateful Gift Quest location for Shaft 13 in the EDZ
Fateful Gift Quest location for High Plains on the Tangled Shore
Fateful Gift Quest location for Sinking Docks on Titan
Fateful Gift Quest location for Spine of Keres in the Dreaming City
Fateful Gift Quest location for Excavation Site 2 on IO

(Image credit: Bungie)

(Image credit: Bungie)

Complete 'Bearer of Evil's Past' by generating orbs

The next step is as straightforward as it sounds. It should take you no more than 30-60 minutes with the right build, less if you're a Hunter wearing Orpheus Rigs. The fastest method is to get a roaming super, a group of friends, and equip masterworked weapons while completing Escalation Protocols or Blind Wells. Make use of any Warlock's Well of Radiance for bonus orbs. When you've finished this step, you'll be rewarded with Rose, a legendary hand cannon.

Power up Rose through 'Rose, Revealed'

The next quest step is broken up into three separate pursuits, rather than one exotic quest. Completing all three of these steps will allow you to progress the overall exotic quest. 

The first step, 'Band Together', requires you to complete a nightfall strike with over 50,000 score. This should be easily achievable with the right modifiers and the right fireteam, you could even do it alongside your weekly 100,000 nightfall attempt. 

The next step, 'Face the Hordes', is a little more time consuming. You're going to need to earn 35 points by completing Blind Wells, Escalation Protocols, or Forges. It's really down to you how you want to approach this step as they are moderately flexible in terms of time spent. Points are allocated as follows; Forges give 4 points, Blind Well Tier 4 completion gives 7 points, and Escalation Protocol gives 1 point per wave and 3 points per boss kill.

Finally, there's 'Defend the Light'. 'Defend the Light' requires players to defeat multiple opponents without reloading. If you're moderately conscious of the requirements of this specific task, you could equip weapons with large magazines, like Hammerhead/Thunderlord  in the heavy slot and a few ARs/Pulse rifles in your primary/secondary for good measure. It will most likely come to all players naturally while pursuing the previous two steps. 

After you finish all three of these steps, in any order, you'll then move on to 'Fireteam Leader'.

Power up Rose further through 'Fireteam Leader'

Similar to the 'Face the Hordes' step, you're going to need to complete more activities, like Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, and Forges again, but with the added bonus of several other activities, such as the Menagerie, counting too. 

The percentage you receive is based on the number of players in your fireteam using Rose or Lumina, with dramatically larger percentages for full fireteams. The most efficient method of completing this step that is currently known is to complete the Menagerie as a team of six with all players using Rose/Lumina, this will net you 35 percent of your total goal per run.

Watch your Rose 'Bloom' by killing Xol

'Bloom' is the final step in achieving Lumina and requires you to not only complete the 'Will of the Thousands' strike, but you'll need to complete the strike with Rose equipped, destroy 11 floating crystals found throughout the strike, and to kill Xol with Rose all in one run of the strike.. 

As Xol falls, your Rose will blossom into a beautiful Lumina. (Don't worry, you can still pull Rose from your collection).