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The biggest PC gaming stories this week

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Rather than one heavily focused week of E3 press conferences we're basically sliding through a summer-long schmear of them this year, as various publishers, studios, and media outlets make announcements over the course of June and July. It's different, to be sure, but there's still a heck of a lot to keep up with!

This past Saturday we hosted our annual PC Gaming Show (opens in new tab), EA Play happened on Thursday, and there's been plenty of other news along the way as IGN, Guerrilla Collective, and the Future Games Show all hosted events and broadcasts.

So many games. And so much news! Here are the biggest PC gaming stories from this week:

The PC Gaming Show

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Icarus is a sci-fi co-op survival game from DayZ creator Dean Hall (opens in new tab)

Dean Hall announced Icarus, and while the teaser trailer didn't show us all that much, it sounds like an interesting, session-based take on survival—and it'll be free to play when it launches in 2021. Here's everything we know about Icarus so far (opens in new tab).

Escape from Tarkov's new map will be its largest yet (opens in new tab)

We got a nice look at the upcoming and expansive city map, and learned that the Customs map is getting bigger, too.

Total War Saga: Troy brings mythical heroes to bronze age infantry warfare (opens in new tab)

It's the earliest setting the Total War series has tackled.

Persona 4 Golden is out on PC (opens in new tab)

The port of the PS Vita version of the PS2 game finally made its way to PC. We've got a glowing review here, too (opens in new tab).

And there was lots, lots more on our show! You can see everything else that was announced on The PC Gaming Show right here (opens in new tab).

EA Play

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Star Wars: Squadrons channels X-Wing vs TIE Fighter with dual campaigns, multi-stage fleet battles (opens in new tab)

There are some promising details in the few minutes of footage from Squadrons, which is due out October 2. James broke down more about the combat, too (opens in new tab)

Apex Legends is coming to Steam, getting crossplay (opens in new tab)

EA has been busy moving lots of games to Steam lately, including The Sims 4 and  Titanfall 2.

EA is making a new Skate game (opens in new tab)

That's great news, but at this early stage we don't really know anything about it, except that it's happening.

These may be the first real images from Dragon Age 4 (opens in new tab)

Fans held their breath but there was no official announcement, just a few tantalizing glimpses of what Bioware is working on. Which is probably Dragon Age 4.

More news!

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