Everspace 2 is a big, open-world RPG with deep customization

During IGN’s Summer of Gaming presentation, Everspace 2 developer Michael Shade explained that the first Everspace was always intended to be an open-world space RPG. But the team's limited budget forced them to turn into a procedurally generated roguelike instead since crafting levels by hand was beyond what the team could realistically accomplish.

Now thanks to a two successful Kickstarter campaigns, Rockfish Games is able to make Everspace 2 the game it always wanted. Everspace 2 features a bigger galaxy to explore with handcrafted, persistent sectors of space to explore and get into some epic dog fights.

How much bigger, you ask? According to the interview, there are going to be 8-12 star systems that you can travel to blow stuff up at any given moment, assuming you’re a high enough level.

All of the ships in Everspace 2 also have a modular design, so players can customize with loads of different parts that fall within the confines of a particular ship's class. Rockfish Games says this results in a near-endless number of configurations for your ship along with the crazy amount of loot, skills, and mods to do some damage in the final frontier.

It all sounds pretty cool, and Everspace 2 is headed to Steam Early Access some time in December, but certain Kickstarter backers will be getting access to a closed alpha much sooner than that. For now, check out the full interview above to learn loads of cool details about this slick dogfighter RPG.

Jorge Jimenez
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