Beyond Good and Evil 2 won't be at E3

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was at E3 2017 and 2018, but this year the 24th century space pirates game will be skipping the show. 

"This year, as we are focusing on core development milestones, we will not be attending E3 2019," reads the developer post. "We will, however, continue our commitment to the Space Monkey Program and keep you updated on the game’s development and how we’re building the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2."

New footage will be shared "when the time is right". Ubisoft revealed a slice of the game back in December, showing off vehicle hijacking, sneaking around ancient ruins, battles, co-op and more. If you missed it, give it a watch below. 

A new livestream will be hosted by the team on June 5 at 6 pm CEST, so expect some new details near E3 even if the game won't be making an appearance at the show. 

As for other Ubisoft games, we know that Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the publisher's existing games will be discussed during the conference, and there's also "one or two" more games they've not talked about. One of them might be Roller Champions, a leaked Rocket League-style multiplayer game.  

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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