Ubisoft is rumoured to reveal a Rocket League-style roller derby game at E3

Ubisoft will apparently be showing off a multiplayer roller derby game, Roller Champions, at this year's E3. A few details have leaked ahead of the show, including a video, screens and art. 

A leak on ResetEra and report from Spiel Times claim it's an online-only competitive game with two teams of five skating around a track, presumably with lots of elbow attacks. There are some similarities to Rocket League, including its liberal interpretation of the sport. 

Roller derby doesn't have a ball, with points instead being scored by one player passing members of the opposing team while trying to avoid players blocking them. Judging from the art and controller diagram, Roller Champions won't be emulating that, instead featuring a ball that can be passed between teammates. There's a shoot button, too, presumably for scoring points, but it's not clear from the arena video what the ball will need to be launched at.


When you don't have the ball, you'll be able to tackle other players, so it sounds even more of a contact sport than roller derby already is, and the art suggests some special abilities like a rocket boost or jump. 

Like Rocket League, it looks like you'll also be able to customise your skater, creating a dapper athlete who laughs in the face of regulation gear. Armour, cool jackets, sunglasses—anything goes. They'll likely be cosmetic, but we don't know if there will also be things you can tweak that will have an impact on a match. 

With E3 only a fortnight away, expect more details soon.  

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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