Base your entire PC setup around this inconceivably bad NFT anime

Xtreme Saga's Mera throwing an X.
(Image credit: XPG)

If you aren't in the loop when it comes to web3 tarnished, tech-brand anime, you should probably save yourself and close this tab now. XPG just dug its NFT hole a little deeper at CES 2023 with a full PC setup based around the main character of its own terrible anime.

A while back, the Adata subsidiary brand came out with Xtreme Saga. It's a story of a strong female protagonist kicking butt and preaching about hope, justice, leadership, and empathy. While that may sound epic, sadly the concept was never done justice. 

That's not just as the company doesn't seem to be aware that anime is short for "animation," something that doesn't seem to have translated from the janky slideshow that is Xtreme Saga (see video below). What's worse is that the show is a guise for XPG's web3 antics. 

Its purpose? To shill NFTs, of course. 

And even as the XPG Xtreme Saga Fan Club's Ether value sits at just $8,760, with only 581 holding, the company still decided to go ahead and bring out a full PC setup including peripherals, mousepad, and even a PC case designed around its main character, Mera.

Xtreme Saga's Mera with all the XPG gaming gear.

(Image credit: XPG)

Here's what XPG showed off at CES 2023:

  • Valor Air chassis
  • Precog S headset
  • Slingshot gaming mouse
  • Mage gaming keyboard
  • Battleground L mousepad

Some of the features listed include a "flashy design," "optimal dimensions," and "red mechanical" key switches. The designs are also plastered with the same signature orangey red as Mera's hair. Firey.

I am so sorry to the artists that got dragged into this farce—I hope you were paid well because having to watch the first episode of Xtreme Saga very nearly made me turn in my weeb badge.

It might as well have been a Manga, honestly.

But enough about the terrible anime frontage. The real stickler is that the gear isn't newly designed at all, other than the mousepad it's just sort of... old stuff coloured red. I have no idea how to sign this off. I'm too busy washing my eyes out with soap.


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