The best GTA 5 mods

Reaper mod

Gtav mods: reaper mod

Mind you, we've got nothing against blimps, but doesn't Los Santos deserve something a bit more interesting haunting its airspace? The Reaper mod replaces the standard blimp with the intimidating alien spacecraft from the Mass Effect series. Good luck indoctrinating Trevor. You can also replace the blimps with Star Destroyers from Star Wars, if that's your jam.

Raven Rock

Gtav mods: raven rock

The Raven Rock mod plops an entirely new island on your map. Don't plan your vacation yet, though, because it's already been occupied by the military. There's a runway for jets, two helipads, a submarine bay, and lots and lots of soldiers. Requires the map editor script.

Railroad engineer

Gtav mods: railroad engineer

Trains are the unstoppable juggernauts of the GTA 5 universe, but now you can put on an engineer's cap and drive e'm, crash 'em, and even derail 'em (finally!) with the Railroad Engineer mod. All aboard for some major destruction. Works with commuter trams as well as the freight trains.

Planet Express Ship, Rick and Morty, the Lion King

Good news, everyone! Now you can make like a cyclops and fly the Planet Express Ship from the oft-cancelled cartoon Futurama. It comes complete with a working gun turret and doesn't even require Nibbler's poop to power the engines. The Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) Add On, on the other hand, brings the nihilistic alcoholic genius scientist's character model to the streets of Los Santos. Expect typically hilarious and often disgusting catchphrases. And while we're desecrating the memory of popular cartoons, why not throw The Lion King's Timon and Pumba into the mix? MrMarco1003's The Lion King Pack adds this pairing as well as Ed, Shenzi, Banzai, Kiara, Nala, Scar, Mufasa, and Rafiki. Simba's in there too—in both adult and junior form. 

Extra single-player garages

Gtav mods: extra single-player garages

So many cars, so few places to store them. These two mods, the Single Player Garage mod and Extra Single Players Garages mod add over a dozen new garages to the game, so your favorite whips will never be out of reach.

Luxury safehouse

Franklin's pad is nice, but you should really crank your lifestyle up to eleven with the Marlow Valley enhanced luxury safehouse. Featuring enough parking for 30 of your cars and bikes, several helipads, a sprawling mansion, and armed guards, this safehouse will make you feel like a true kingpin. It even includes paparazzi.

Knight Rider

Gtav mods: knight rider

Fans of the show Knight Rider will fondly remember the talking, self-driving, indestructible Pontiac Firebird. The Knight Rider mod brings KITT to life in Los Santos. Summon KITT, perform turbo boosts, drive on two wheels, and listen to him talk. It even includes the Ford Mustang version of KITT from the short-lived 2008 series. Here's a closer look.


Gtav mods: statues

Spice up Los Santos by adding some sweet pop-culture eye-candy. The Statues mod adds looming sculptures to the city, including Optimus Prime, Superman, Captain America, a T-Rex, and an enormous Terminator.

The mods keep coming...