The best GTA 5 mods

Incredible Hulk Script

This mod underscores the the entertainment value in throwing caution to the wind and tearing Los Santos to shreds. Doing so as the Incredible Hulk is something you really must experience, as the joy that stems from ripping lamp posts out of the ground and playing baseball and/or golf with police cars is second to none.   

Funny Vehicles Pack 1 & 2

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a cruise in one of GTA 5’s Obey 9F Audi rip-offs, but I’m equally partial to hitting the road in Walter White’s portable campervan meth lab, or tearing up the highway in the Mad Max Doof Wagon. These and more await those who enjoy the journey more than the destination.  

Superhot Mod

Superhot is SUPERHOT Team’s effortlessly stylish FPS where time only moves when you do. Superhot Mod is a modification that applies this uber-cool mechanic to GTA 5. Naturally, this aids combat to no end, but is particularly useful when scoping out groups of gangs or if you’re masterminding an attack at distance.

Gang Hideouts

Speaking of scoping out gangs, one feature sorely missed from GTA 5 is Read Dead Redemption-style gang hideouts. So long as you have the OpenInteriors mod installed, Gang Hideouts adds over ten raidable enemy HQs, as well as a handful of antagonists—such as Corrupt Cops an Dam Hippies.

GTA 5 Pride

Los Santos Pride lets players celebrate Pride on the faux-LA streets in a display of colour, togetherness and unity. Backed by Stockholm Pride—the biggest Scandanavian Pride festival in the world—Los Santos Pride is the result of a collaboration between a host of GTA 5 modders and adds a non-hostile parade to the game.

Poke Ball 

Poke Ball is Pokemon Go as you’ve never seen it before, yet is pretty much exactly how you’d expect it to unfold in GTA 5. Armed with six Poke Balls, you’re tasked with throwing them towards NPCs before the latter is sucked inside. Until weakened your captives are likely to escape, thus roughing them up a little is required. Once made yours, they’ll then fight by your side.

Army at Five Stars

gtav mods: army at five stars

In past GTA games, achieving the highest wanted level resulted in the army being unleashed to hunt you down. This isn’t the case in GTA 5. The worst opposition you’ll ever face is a SWAT team and the FIB. This mod lets the army join the chase again, coincidentally giving the player a better chance to hijack military vehicles. Download it here.

Ghost Rider

At one stage in this list's lifespan, this entry linked to a 'fire breather' mod which is no longer supported. Now, while it's always a shame when neat mods fall by the wayside, the process makes room for arguably even cooler ones. JulioNIB's Ghost Rider mod fits this purview nicely, allowing players to fill the flame-fired boots of the Marvel superhero (or Nicholas Cage movie protagonist, if you prefer). Drive a flame trailing motorbike, fire flame-infused bullets from your gun, and set about ban and/or good guys with a flaming chain. Smokin'.

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