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Guide to the games of 2016

Games Of 2016 Header Faded No Number

2015 is receding into the past—goodbye, old friend!—but the inevitable march of time only brings us even more games to play. We got ‘em all in 2016: the kind where you shoot, the kind where you talk, or walk, or fly, and the kind where you do all that but have to take turns. This year, we’ll even have the kind where you’ve got goggles on your face. What a world! Here’s your guide to the games of 2016, loaded into genres for easy browsing.

Action and stealth
Shooters and competitive action games
Action RPGs
Strategy and sims
2D shooters and action games
Fighting and beat 'em ups
Platformer and puzzle games
Exploration and survival
Adventure games
Sports and racing

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