Amazon Prime Day is returning to Australia in October

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Amazon is taking two deep draughts from the deals goblet this year, with a second Amazon Prime Day scheduled for October 2023. This follows the July instalment, which proved pretty decent for PC gaming gear, for those among us lucky enough to afford to buy stuff.

As usual, the October event is mainly aimed at those who subscribe to Amazon Prime, with some of the best Amazon deals only available to members. It's a great package, to be fair, with free delivery and free Prime Video to name just a few of the perks. And if you don't already have Prime yourself, there's always the 30-day free trial which you can start today to cover yourself for Prime Day this year.

Amazon isn't always the best place for getting the best new PC gaming hardware at the best prices, however, and you may well find better gaming PC, laptop, monitor, and component deals at the other retailers. We'll be highlighting the best deals no matter where they're from, so you can be sure that if you're after a good PC gaming deal this Prime Day we've got you covered.

We won't highlight every discounted product, because there are sure to be some terrible tech given sale prices to tempt people to spend on obsolete hardware; we make it our focus to only show you the kit you should really consider buying for your own PC gaming setup. And we'll be regularly updating this page all the way up to, and during, Amazon Prime Day 2023. 

In the meantime, below are the best deals ahead of Amazon Prime Day, powered by our own near-magical deal hunting tech.

Where are the best Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals in Australia?

Other retailers may take advantage of Amazon's own sale to get their own sales events kickstarted. These are some of the retailers we'll be keeping an eye on:

Early Amazon Prime Day gaming laptop deals

Early Amazon Prime Day graphics card deals

Early Amazon Prime Day gaming monitor deals

Early Amazon Prime Day SSD & storage deals

Early Amazon Prime Day component deals

Early Amazon Prime Day gaming chair deals

Early Amazon Prime Day gaming mouse deals

Early Amazon Prime Day gaming keyboard deals

Early Amazon Prime Day gaming headset deals

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Amazon Prime Day is returning to Australia in October 2023, after a presumably successful July stint. This is the first time the company has conducted two Prime Day events in Australia in a single year. The specific days in October have yet to be specified, but you can expect 48 hours of potential PC gaming deals. Don't forget that every other retailer is likely to piggy-back the timing to release their own discounts and get a piece of the summer deals pie for themselves.

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