How to unlock Halloween costumes and Christmas hats in Among Us

Among Us Halloween hats
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Wondering how to get Among Us's Halloween costumes? You may have seen other players running around wearing spooky Halloween costumes or festive Christmas-themed hats while playing Among Us, and you probably want them, too. Especially if you're an evil, evil impostor.

These hats include pumpkins, witch hats, wolf ears, candy canes, Santa hats, a Jason mask, and even a hat that looks like a machete is stuck in your head. These fun hats are seasonal cosmetics that appear in Among Us during Halloween and Christmas, and then vanish.

But even if you missed those holidays, you don't have to wait for them to roll around again to get your hands on those fun hats. You can unlock Among Us's seasonal cosmetics right now! And it's very easy.

How to get Among Us Halloween costumes

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All you have to do is change the date on your PC or mobile device. On PC, open your date and time settings. Switch the toggle under "Set time automatically" to Off. Below, click the Change button, and set your PC's date to October 31, 2019. 

On mobile, date and time settings usually have a similar toggle you can switch off so you can manually change the date on your device.

Once you've done that, load up Among Us and join or create a game. In the lobby, stand next to the little laptop and click Customize. You'll see all the Halloween hats, and now that you've unlocked them you can use them whenever you want, even after you've changed the date back. (If you keep your PC's date set to October 31, you'll also see some Halloween decorations around the maps.)

If you don't see the hats, try quitting the match, closing the game, restarting and rejoining. It may take a couple tries.

How to get Among Us Christmas costumes

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It's the same process. Just change the date on your PC or device to December 25, 2019. You'll see all your new Christmas hats! Once you change the date back to the current date, you'll still be able to wear your new hats whenever you want.

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