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Excited to play with your buddies using Among Us crossplay? The interstellar whodunnit has been steadily gaining popularity with streamers over the past couple of months, and recently achieved 1.5 million simultaneous players. I think Among Us is the best game to watch on Twitch right now, but don't just take my word for it.

Nothing tests the strengths of your friendships quite like an evening shouting over each other on Discord as you scramble to deduce which members of the team are Imposters. The best part is that your buddies can still join in even if they don't own a PC. It takes seconds to set up a game and get going, so let's cover how Among Us crossplay works.

Among Us is also one of our best laptop games that you can play with friends on a low-spec machine.

Which platforms does Among Us crossplay support?

Among Us supports between four and ten players, allowing you to team up with your pals online, or locally. Crossplay for Among Us is supported across:

  • PC (Steam/
  • iOS
  • Android

How to set up a match using crossplay


After launching Among Us, select Online on the main menu. If you'd like to host a game select Create Game under Host. You can then adjust the game settings including the map, number of Imposters, max players and chat language. Once you're ready to start, click Confirm. Your character will spawn into the waiting area and code should now be visible in white at the bottom of the screen. Share this code with your buddies so they can hop in.

If you'd rather join a friend's lobby, ask them for the game code. Click on Enter Code under Private and type in the four-character code to join them. It may take a few tries to find the room, but keep hitting Enter on your keyboard and you'll eventually connect. 

If you're keen to play but your friends aren't available, you can always join a Public game by choosing Find Game and selecting a session. You can filter by maps, number of Imposters and chat language—just hit the green refresh button on the right side when doing so.


There are two options for playing locally: You can host a session by selecting Create Game, or join one of the local Available Games displayed in the list.

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