All the games of E3 2014, and their PC outlook

T to Z

Tales from the Borderlands

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: Fall

The confluence of Telltale's cell-shaded storytelling and Gearbox's cell-shaded insanity was bound to be weird, and we can now confirm: Tales from the Borderlands is pretty bizarre. The “pre-sequel” to the Borderlands universe is being told in Telltale's signature style, including dialog choice trees and quick-time events sprinkled throughout. Wes wasn't totally sold on the humor he saw during his demo , but we'll all get a chance to see what we think when the first episode of five lands this fall.

The Crew

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: Fall

Ubisoft's ambitious MMO-ified take on realistic racing sims certainly has no shortage of flair. The E3 trailer showed timelapsed road trips cutting through snowy mountains, tropical everglades, and sparse Utah deserts; in theory, the entire continental United States will be open to exploration. The Crew will be heavily dependant on multiplayer, and it was originally supposed to be released last year. We're hoping that the extra year of development has given the game time to take shape, and we're looking forward to logging on this fall.

The Division

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: 2015

We've been looking forward to The Division (also known as Tom Clancy's The Division) since it made waves at last year's E3. Since then it's been delayed to 2015 and we got confirmation that it will be coming to PC where it belongs. The ambitious new third-person shooter MMO got a haunting new story trailer and a lot of new gameplay snippets shown off this week. The Division remains one of our most highly anticipated games, whenever we finally get to see it.

The Last of Us

Announced for PC? No

Release date: July 30

It's easy to forget amidst the 'no girls allowed' controversy currently surrounding Assassin's Creed Unity that some games do star not-men (otherwise known as women). Occasionally, as in Ellie from The Last of Us's case, they're even well-written! The Last of Us Remastered will bump up the framerate and give the visuals a spruce. Not that they needed it. This beautifully executed survival horror is arguably the PS3's greatest game. What a shame then there's virtually no chance seeing its definitive version on PC. Sorry to build you up like that.

The Order: 1866

Released for PC? No

Release date: February 20 2015

Various demonic nasties are tearing up 19th century London. As a night of The Order, you use advanced gadgets to beat back the menace in what looks at first glance to be a rote cover shooter. It's been announced for Playstation 4 at the moment, with little prospect of a PC release.

The Sims 4

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: September 2

The Sims have always been some of the best-selling games in the world, but the latest entry in the series is adding something new: controllable personalities. You'll be able to select character traits like ambition, temper, or insanity for your sims, which makes the whole thing sound a bit...RPGish. We'll see how well the combination works when the Sims 4 comes out in September.

The Witcher 3

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: February 24, 2015

The Witcher 3 has had our attention for what feels like forever, but this open-world, gorgeous version of the Witcher's gritty universe is not only confirmed to be coming out on PC, it's going to make all but the strongest rigs sit down and weep . CD Projekt Red is working to make this game into something special; we're just along for the ride.

Uncharted 4

Announced for PC? No

Release date: TBA

Naughty Dog took a break from Drake with the gritty survival horror game, The Last Of Us, which demonstrated an unexpected talent for pathos. Despite that being a massive success, they're returning to Uncharted to bid farewell to their Indiana Jones-a-like with a few final wisecracks, but not on PC. Naughty Dog have always been console developers, and that's set to continue. More's the pity.

Unnamed Criterion Game

Announced for PC? Not confirmed, but Criterion usually releases to PC

Release date: It doesn't even have a name yet

Criterion pulled a big old tease on everyone at this year's E3, showing off a game without a name, release date, or more than a couple of seconds of gameplay footage. Here's what we do know: the developer behind the most recent Need For Speed games is moving beyond cars to ATVs, helicopters, jet skis, wingsuits, parachutes, and probably rocket ships for all we know. The game will be set in a strictly first-person viewpoint inspired by GoPro-style action footage. We're eager to hear more details about the game as development continues, but we'll be waiting for a while.

Valiant Hearts

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: June 25

We're glad to see Valiant Hearts get a strong showing at this year's E3, especially because we don't have to wait very long to get our hands on it. Releasing in just a couple of weeks, Valiant Hearts was a welcome break from the first-person mayhem of most of the games on this list. Played in a sidescrolling, cell-shaded art style, this game is aiming to tell a more emotional story set during World War I. Plus, it has a dog in it.


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