All the games of E3 2014, and their PC outlook

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Announced for PC? Nononono.

None of Nintendo's games will ever come to PC, it seems, to our eternal sadness. As Tyler opined this week, we could do with a bit more joy on our platform . Still, this is a list of all the games, so if you want to check out Nintendo's brace of E3 reveals, check out The Legend of Zelda , Super Smash Bros. 4 , Hyrule Warriors , Splatoon , Amiibo, , Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker , Yoshi's Woolly World , Xenoblade Chronicles X and, below, Bayonetta 2.

No Man's Sky

Announced for PC? “Coming first” to PS4, but we think a PC release is likely

Release date TBA

The Joe Danger developers put out one of the most spectacular videos of the conferences on Monday with No Man's Sky, a procedural exploration game that lets you travel seamlessly from planet surface to space and back again. The moment the space battle moves from the fleet to the planet seems like magic, and there are procedural dinosaurs. Procedural dinosaurs!

PGA Tour

Announced for PC? No, but seems probable

Release date: 2015

Formerly seen with “Tiger Woods” at the beginning of the title, PGA Tour is one of the few EA Sports games that reliably comes to PC with each release. Even better, the series is really taking advantage of newer, more powerful gaming engines to add some whackiness to golf—a sport not known for its whackiness. The E3 trailer showed off special courses that let you golf through disaster zones as everything explodes and the immaculate, manicured lawns of the greatest courses in the world.

Phantom Dust

Announced for PC No

Release date: TBA

The original Phantom Dust was released on the original Xbox back in 2005, and is being rebooted for Xbox One. With that in mind, don't expect a PC edition of this curious tactical card-based RPG which gained a cult following in its heyday.

Project CARS

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: November

Of all the very shiny racing games on this list, Project CARS might be the shiniest. From stock cars to Formula 1 racing, the game hopes to give a realistic racing simulation experience for all kinds of motor sports. The ability to customize your driver and excel at your sport of choice is also a nice bonus.

Project Spark

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: Autumn 2014

Project Spark is Microsoft Studio's attempt to create a free “digital canvas” that allows players to make games and invite others in. It's unclear what the microtransactions will be at the moment, but expect asset packs and extra tools. The beta is available now for those with Windows 8 only. It's a little unfortunate—there's no faster way to consign your game to the ghettoes of PC gaming than to shackle it to Windows 8 exclusivity.

Rainbow Six Siege

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: 2015

From the ashes of Rainbow Six: Patriots—announced way back in the olden times of 2011—Rainbow Six Siege is the triumphant return of the tactical combat franchise we've loved for a decade or two. Ubisoft built Siege to be the multiplayer-focused game that Patriots could never be, and the result was one of the biggest surprises of this year's E3. If Siege looks as good in practice as it did during Evan's hands-on time during the show, we could be looking at one of the biggest releases of next year.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Announced for PC? Not yet, but seems likely

Release date: Holiday 2015

Here's something we don't see often: a video game protagonist dealing with the consequences of their actions. In the announcement trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is talking to a therapist about the grisly events of last year's Tomb Raider and working on putting them behind her. She's Lara Croft, though, so we know she doesn't start a support group and take up knitting. Eventually, she's going to raid some tombs.


Announced for PC? No

Release date: 2015

We don't know a whole lot about Scalebound beyond that it's being developed by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's Platinum Games. Though Metal Gear did come to PC, so far Scalebound is being advertised as a strictly Xbox One-exclusive title. The trailer looks little quirky with its How To Train Your Dragon-meets-Beats by Dre ascetic, but until we see some gameplay we won't know for sure what we're missing out on. If it delivers on its promise of large-scale monster fights with a dragon companion, it could be worth looking out for.

Shape Up

Announced for PC? No

Release date: Holiday 2014

Shape Up is the latest in many, many games attempting to get gamers off our ever-expanding backsides—but it is one of the first to actually look like it could be fun. It won't be coming to PC, but former PC Gamer editor-in-chief Gary Steinman appeared on stage to take part in the push-up challenge . So that's… something.


Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: November

Have you ever drunkenly cursed the stinking heavens for divining, in their infinite 'wisdom', to make you a mere mortal on this wretched Earth, lashing fruitlessly at Hova with your barbed words that betray decades of pitiful anguish? We certainly have. That's why we're excited for SkyForge—The Ascension Atlus, no matter how stupid its title is. See, in this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, you can become an original G (that's God, not gangster). In this universe, sci-fi tech brushes shoulders with creatures from lore and legend, and through frantic third-person combat you'll utilize both to ascend from spacetime-obeying fleshbag to omnipresent almighty. Take that, God.

Sniper Elite 3

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: June 27

Admit it, you only play Rebellion's Sniper Elite games to explode some fascists. Their third takes the fight to sweaty stretches of North Africa where you'll face the German's deadly Afrika Korps. Not only have the deliciously excessive kill shots been given a gory new sheen courtesy of improved muscle layers and circulatory systems, but vehicle interiors have been fully modelled too - a single bullet in the engine will explode that sucker, just like a real car.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: Late 2015

“Star Wars belongs to everyone,” begins the trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront—but mostly it belongs to Disney. In addition to new movies and spin-off movies in the Star Wars universe, the sale of LucasFilm to Disney means a new jolt of energy into Star Wars video games. It's been a long time since Star Wars: Battlefront II let us fight our favorite big-screen battles, so we're eagerly awaiting the new installment from DICE's LA studio.

Sunset Overdrive

Announced for PC? No

Release date: October 28

Sunset Overdrive has been getting more impressive and more irreverent since we first saw it at E3 2013. Now set for a late October release, this sadly XBox One exclusive game feels like one part Saints Row shaken with two parts Jet Grind Radio. The game repeatedly breaks the fourth wall, relying on its status as “just a video game” to get away with advanced levels of silliness.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix

Announced for PC? No

Release date: Released during E3

Many classic Capcom fighting game characters have been lured out of retirement by this DLC, which is, to use its full name, Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX plus Alpha. Dead Rising 3 was itself a console exclusive until we got word that the game is coming to PC this summer. As it is the nature of all DLC to be sold to all people, expect to see this particular piece of arcadey zombie-squishing goodness on PC eventually.


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