All the games of E3 2014, and their PC outlook

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Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: Unannounced, but the beta is live now

As EA's entry into the increasingly crowded MOBA space, Dawngate has always been a little self-aware. As developer Waystone Games's splashy E3 trailer begins, “if we're going to do MOBA, we don't just want to clone.” To allay fears that Dawngate will be nothing but a copy of Dota 2 or League of Legends, Waystone has been aggressively courting competitive MOBA players, asking for feedback, and making changes to accommodate popular requests in the way the the bigger games haven't been. If you love MOBAs but want to try something new, the game is now in open beta .

Dead Island 2

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: Spring 2015

The schlocky open-world zombie survival game was something of a sleeper hit among fans of sun-drenched beaches and pallid, rotting skin tones. The inevitable sequel won't be set on an island, but a version of California rendered in Unreal Engine 4, and developed by Spec Ops: The Line devs, Yager.


Announced for PC? No, but maybe one day

Release date: September 9

Destiny looks like an interesting splice of Diablo 3's adventure mode and Borderlands. Using humanity's last city as a hub location, you play one of humanity's remnant fighters, darting about a big map of the universe to take on horde challenges, raids, PvP matches and the odd story mission with friends. It benefits from Bungie's bold, colourful take on science fiction, and will be a sore loss if it never makes it to PC. Bungie COO Pete Parsons told Eurogamer that the studio are too busy building Destiny for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One to think about other versions right now, but looks forward to “future conversations around PC.”

Devil's Third

Announced for PC? Nope. It's that rarest of things: a Wii U exclusive

Release date: 2014

Crikey. The latest actioner from Tomonobu 'Ninja Gaiden' Itagki has you playing a chain-smoking, hard-drinking, heavily-tattooed bald dude who, in between pulping enemies with a sledgehammer while stripped to the waist, also enjoys playing the drums. So, obviously the core market is Wii U, which Devil's Third is currently exclusive to. Still, much as I admire, Itagaki's way with a combo system, this looks a bit last gen right now. I suspect it's no great loss.


Announced for PC? No platforms announced yet, but surely yes

Release date: TBA

E3 gave us a short glimpse at the Cyberdemon, complete with a door noise that made thousands swoon in nostalgia. The sequel has been in development for a long, long time, but we'll finally see more at QuakeCon this year.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: October 7

Bioware's ambitious third entry in the Dragon Age series is one of our most anticipated games of the year. Its open world is rendered in Battlefield's Frostbite engine, and takes place during an apocalyptic struggle against forces invading from the dead lands of The Fade. Expect lots of returning characters, a little bit of fan service, 40 different endings and some big angry dragons, naturally.


Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: TBA, beta coming 2015

The neat bait-and-switch E3 trailer is all we have to go on when describing Dreadnought, except to say that it's being developed by Spec Ops: The Line devs, Jager, and is all about controlling vastsuper-carrier warships.

EA Sports Games

Announced for PC? Probably not

Release date: Varies

EA's numerous sports games are as best-selling as they are perennial. Titles like Madden NFL and NHL are being joined again by the newer hotness, UFC. For all their many permutations and minor improvements year over year, these games almost never make it over to PC. Seems a tragic loss, as PC gamers love sports as much as anyone, but EA moves in mysterious ways. One bright spot is FIFA 15, which is finally getting the high-powered PC release it deserves—but you can read more about that further down this list.

Eve Valkyrie

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: TBA

CCP's virtual reality game about dogfights in space is developing quietly in a futuristic laboratory somewhere. The latest E3 video shows new ships and new space stations, which are just two of the elements CCP are adding to turn Valkyrie's promising prototype into a fully featured game.


Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: October 21

Turtle Rock's first great idea eventually became Left 4 Dead. Evolve is what they did next. Four high-tech hunters must co-operate to take down a player-controlled beast. Two monsters have been shown so far, a huge lizard-ape called Goliath, and the Kraken—a floating electric octopus. Check out our hands-on to find out how Evolve's asymmetrical systems work together, and our interview with the game's art director for developer insight.


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