All the games of E3 2014, and their PC outlook

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Far Cry 4

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: November 18

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results then we'd have lost our minds by the second skinned tiger, raided outpost or gratuitous dubstep drop in Far Cry 3. Fortunately, it was an excellent open world shooter, and we can look forward to similar fare from this year's sequel, albeit set in a prettier, more mountainous environment. There's a zany new bad guy and lots of local militia, but you only really need to know two things. One: co-op. Two: you can weaponise an elephant. For more, have a read of our Far Cry 4 interview .


Announced for PC? Yes, and this year's it's using the next-gen Ignite engine

Release date: September 26

Don't make that face. If you like football, and it turns out quite a lot of people do, then there won't be many more essential games on this list. The bad old days of annual gimmick-strewn iterations are long in the series' past. Instead, what remains is a fastidious, feature-packed sports sim. And the good news is that after last year's depressing decision to saddle PC gamers with a port of the current-gen version, this year we're getting the significantly upgraded Ignite engine. Our first look is here , but the tl;dr version is that, even at 50% complete, the game—which can run in 1080p at 60fps on the right rig—has never looked or felt so good. How good? Like Pirlo's beard good.

Forza Horizon 2

Announced for PC? No

Release date: September 30

Forza Horizon 2 hit E3 this week with an unbelievably sexy trailer full of rain-slick Italian race tracks, dew-dappled sports cars, and open-world environments. In a moving violation that unfortunately surprised no one, Horizon 2 will most likely not be coming to PC. There are plenty of great racing games for PC gamers' superior hardware, but we won't lie: not seeing Forza stings a little bit. Drive over to Project CARS, Next Car Game , F1 , or Dirt 3.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Announced for PC? God yes, finally

Release date: Autumn

It's been rumoured for ages , but it's finally happening. The 'next-gen' version of GTA 5 is coming to PC , giving us another expertly-crafted Rockstar open world to play with. Andy's already talked about why GTA 5 will be best on PC , and we're already planning japes in GTA 5's liberated multiplayer mode.

Grim Fandango remastered

Announced for PC? Not yet, but very probably will be

Release date: TBA

The classic adventure game about suave grim reapers in the Mexican afterlife is being remastered for a next-get console release. There was worry when the HD edition was revealed as a Sony exclusive, but Tim Schafer swiftly took to twitter to say Double Find will “talk about other platforms soon.”

Halo: The Master Collection

Announced for PC? No :(

Release date: November 11

The Master Chief collection contains versions of Halos 1, 2, 3, and 4 that have been "completely remastered for the new generation of consoles". That could have been a great opportunity to throw in some port work and get Halo back on PC so everyone can enjoy Bungie's singular take on the FPS. They're well designed games with terrific multiplayer elements that would find a happy home on our machines, as Chris argues here .

Homefront: The Revolution

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: 2015

Homefront was a perfectly forgettable first-person shooter built on a paranoid scenario that involved North Korea taking over North America. The follow-up will be an open-city affair in which players use guerilla tactics to strike at checkpoints to loosen North Korea's authoritarian grip. It sounds like an urban Far Cry 3, with a much more serious tone.

Hotline Miami 2

Announced for PC? Yes

Release date: Autumn 2014

Prepare for another journey into psychosis in Hotline Miami 2, a game about rushing through buildings and violently murdering hordes of goons. The second game comes with a level editor powerful enough to make Hotline Miami 3, as Sam discovered in our E3 preview .


Announced for PC? It's “debuting” on Xbox One, but expect a PC release later

Release date: Early 2015

Playdead's Limbo put you in the shoes of a young boy trapped in a nightmarish forest. Inside casts you as a young boy trapped in a nightmarish facility. You can detect a strong whiff of Limbo's bleak tone in the E3 Inside trailer, so expect another dark and disturbing adventure.

Just Dance 2015

Announced for PC?

Release date: 2015

You know you want it, really. We're lacking in full-body disco experiences in PC gaming, and while Just Dance 2015 looks like a worthy contender to fill that niche, its chances are as high as the triple-axle pirouette of a PC Gamer editor. That is to say, not very high at all. Allay your crushing disappointment with this snippet from a dance to Ellie Goulding's Burn, as performed by some sort of human-butterfly hybrid creature.


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