Acer's new ambidextrous gaming mouse lets you adjust the click resistance

In addition to blitzing IFA 2017 with a beastly 18-core Predator desktop and 35-inch curved monitor, Acer also unveiled some new peripherals. One of them is the Predator Cestus 500, an ambidextrous mouse with a unique dual-switch design.

Gamers can adjust the click resistance between two levels—one that is lighter for fast click action in games that require rapid fire clicks (FPS, for example), and a heavier resistance for fine maneuvering in RTS games.

There are eight programmable buttons to play with, along with RGB lighting that you can customize. Once you've spent some time tuning the mouse, you can save your settings into one of five onboard profiles.

The Predator Cestus 500 will be available in North America in November for $80, and in EMEA at the same time for €90.

Acer also introduced the Predator Galea 500, a new gaming headset featuring a driver diaphragm made from bio-cellulose with rubber surround. Using Acer's TrueHarmony 3D Soundscape technology, the company claims the headset recreates the audio space based on the orientation of the player's head, thereby convincing the player's brain that sound is coming from a fixed position.

There are not too many other details to share at this point. Acer added that gamers can select from three modes, including EQ Music, Movie, and Sport. Otherwise, information on this headset is pretty sparse at the moment.

Look for the Predator Galea to ship in North America in November for $300, and in EMEA at same time for €300.

Paul Lilly

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