GTA 4 mod enables GTA 5 style character switching

Grand Theft Auto 5 lets you switch between the game's three characters, warping to another part of the city to take charge of their anti-social activities. It sounds great, which makes it a shame that we've been left waiting - not just for Rockstar to release the game on PC, but for them to even announce it. At least, we would be if modders weren't tirelessly working to bring GTA 4 up to speed with its successor.

The "Char Switch" script lets players flip between main game star Niko Belic, and DLC characters Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez. Tapping number keys will execute the switch: the player taking charge of the selected character, while the others wander around, trying to lose any wanted level they may have accrued.

While the main functionality seems to work as intended, the creator of this still in development mod warns that there are still bugs to squash.

Thanks, Joystiq .


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