Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer 2 shows planes, trains, and dogs

It's time! The second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived. No, there's still no mention of a PC version , but since every previous GTA game has eventually found its way to PC, we're fairly confident this one will too. The new trailer spotlights Michael, Trevor and Franklin, the game's three protagonists , but also includes some new info.

Firstly, planes! More importantly, fighter planes. Also, a car tumbling out of a cargo plane with a man in it. Have Rockstar been taking some tips from Saints Row 3? Also dogs! We joked about them back when we rounded up the rumours from the first GTA V trailer , but now it turns out we were right. We're awesome when it comes to rumours, as long as you ignore the time we thought Michael was Tommy Vercetti.

If it actually let's us control the things shown in the trailer without quicktime events - i.e. jump from the roof of a train, seconds before it crashes - then this looks potentially great fun. Anyone have qualms?

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