The PC Gamer Top 100

The best PC games you can play today.

Every year, the global PC Gamer team congregates to hash out a list of the 100 best PC games you can play today. The ‘today’ part is crucial: these are games from across the history of PC gaming that you can still enjoy playing in 2016. We will no doubt celebrate many of your favourites in this list. Hopefully, you’ll discover some new favourites, too. For a celebration of those vital historical games that pushed PC gaming forward, read our list of the 50 most important PC games of all time.

The Top 100 selection process is democratic and subjective. Each writer simply nominates their personal top 15 games, and we combine the resulting choices to produce a longlist. Two writers, one each from our US and UK teams, then get together on a sweaty and prolonged Skype call to decide on a final list that we’re proud of. That’s what you have here, along with personal picks from the team highlighting games they love that didn’t make the final cut. Enjoy.

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