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Tom Hatfield

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Back by popular demand! We previously rounded up our Top 10 Minecraft Mods , but since that post other mods have been released and updated. Given the size of the Minecraft mod scene we decided to make a second list. Remember you can also pretty up your game with our 10 Best Minecraft Skins or join us on the PC Gamer Minecraft Servers at:

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Check inside for the rundown.

1. Yogbox

Not a solo mod, but a mod compilation. Yogbox , put together by the nice chaps at Yogcast , combines a variety of Minecraft mods, including some from our previous list , into one handy installer. It even includes its own version of the popular Painterly texture pack . It's perfect for players who haven't modded their game before and just want as much as possible in one simple, reliable install.

2. Jurrassicraft

Great Scott Marty! It's Jurrassicraft ; the mod of prehistoric times, back when blocky dinosaurs ruled the earth. Just craft a flux capacitor and attach it to your minecart (or pig) to transport yourself back in time. Or watch the Inception themed trailer above for a hilarious summary.

Jurrassicraft is currently not yet compatable with Minecraft 1.7, but the page lists the update as "almost done" so keep checking back.

3. Millénaire

The thoroughly charming Millénaire generates small villages of NPCs and dots them around your Minecraft world. You can then find these villages and trade with the residents to help their little towns grow and expand. Notch has said he plans to add NPC Villages to Minecraft in the next update, but Millénaire will be a hard act to follow.

4. Nature Overhaul

Currently Minecraft's vegetation isn't very interesting. Trees and plants simply stick around until the player chops them down, and new ones can only be generated by manually replanting saplings. Nature Overhaul completely changes all of this, Trees now drop saplings around them which automatically plant themselves and either grow or die if the ground can't sustain them. The result is that forests, and other vegetation, grow and contract organically, mimicking a real ecosystem.

5. Minerraria

"Minecraft or Terraria" is a question that's been asked a lot recently, both games have a lot in common but also have different strengths and weaknesses. But why choose between the two when you can have Minerraria ? This mod adds a number of Terarria based features into Minecraft such as phase blades, corruption, fallen stars, hellstone and more.

This mod is still in early development and only a few aspects have been implemented, but keep an eye on its progress.

6. Balkon's Weapons Mod

There are a lot of mods that add weapons to Minecraft, but Balkon's Weapons Mod is one of the best. The weapons all keep within the spirit of Minecraft while still being fun to use. The new melee weapons; spear, battleaxe, halberd, and warhammer all behave slightly differently, offering more variety than just swords, while the javelin offers an early ranged weapon without the need for feathers or string. The real highlight of the collection is the musket. Complicated to make and using a lot of tricky materials, but with incredible stopping power at the expense of reload time. You can even attach a knife to it to use as a handy bayonet.

7. Builders

Like MineColony, Humans+ and Millénaire, Builders adds human NPCs to the Minecraft world. However it attempts something far more ambitious than other similar mods; Builders' NPCs actually build their own structures. There are a whole host of NPCs added who can build different structures from a list of editable blueprints. By far the most impressive is the Mayor; who can't build himself but, if he gathers enough builders, can instruct them to construct an entire town complete with shops to trade with.

It's worth mentioning that Builders' ambition comes at a price, and the mod is currently experiencing some bug problems, but it's still very much worth a look.

8. Finite Liquid

Finite Liquid really shows how a mod can evolve and change in scope over time. It started with a simple idea: to replace Minecraft's unusual water physics with a more realistic system, but more and more features have been added. Now you can pump water, boil water, mine for oil and even construct a scuba outfit for undersea exploration.

9. Zipline

The Zipline Mod (obviously) adds a zipline via a rope arrow that can be fired from a bow, allowing you to whoosh across valleys to your heart's content. As if that wasn't enough you can also use the rope for a variety of other tasks, including building your own rope bridges to traverse gaps in a less fun but more dignified manner.

10. Flans mods

While Balkon's weapon additions try and keep true to the setting of Minecraft, Flan's Mods make no such pretence. These gloriously over the top mods let you build a variety of World War 2 based vehicles and weapons. Creepers blew up your house? Teach them a lesson by hunting them down in a Sherman Tank.

With another list complete I'll turn it over to you guys. What other mods can you suggest to your fellow PC Gamers?

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