Make your own Factorio-style automated machines with this incredible Minecraft mod

There are plenty of automatic mechanisms you can make in Minecraft. Using special blocks and redstone circuits, they range from simple switches that open doors, to complex devices such as a combination lock that reveals a secret staircase to your underground base. Potion dispensers, automatic incinerators, complex minecart railway systems, pressure plates—the building potential is huge.

Players have elevated many of these Minecraft mechanisms to the next level, birthing a whole community of technologically inspired mods. One of these Minecraft mods is Create, which is purely focused on the beautiful art of automation. Think Satisfactory and Factorio levels of industrial operations.

The mod includes all kinds of ingenious mechanisms. Everything is based on kinetics and rotational power and so the team has introduced a whole range of cogwheels and gears into the game, not forgetting conveyor belts, gearboxes, chain drives, clutches, pulleys, and levers. It's super impressive. 

I can already see myself building a completely automated monolithic bakery, but I think I should start with giving my Minecraft base the mechanical face-lift it deserves. The days of opening doors with my blocky arms are behind me.

Create's latest version is out and free to download over on Curseforge. I've left some mesmerising gifs below, but I highly recommend taking a moment to watch the team's cake factory video just to see all the mechanisms in action. If you want to support the mod, you can sign up to the team's Patreon for more automated machinery goodness.


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Rachel Watts

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